What is AR Emoji in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

AR Emoji Samsung Galaxy S9

AR Emoji: A new feature provided by Samsung in their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is getting famous these days. As they are trying to provide an Augmented Reality related features in their new smartphones, they implemented AR Emoji just like Apple’s Animoji implemented in iPhone X.

So what is AR Emoji? How you can access it?

We will discuss all about Samsung Galaxy S9 AR Emoji (Augmented Reality Emojis)  in this post in depth.

Samsung’s AR Emoji feature is nearly like Animoji of Apple. Animoji is available in a messaging app in iPhone X which with using concept of Augmented Reality and using face scanning technology converts your facial moments into animated animals and humans which you can send as message.

But the actual implementation and the real idea is different for AR Emoji. As Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy S9 does not have a depth sensing camera just like Apple iPhone X, they did not accept the fact and without sensing camera they introduced this new thing AR Emoji.

AR Emoji Samsung Galaxy S9What is AR Emoji?

As we already told that this is a new feature introduced by Samsung in their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, this feature helps you to create your own animated emojis.

This Emoji utilize the Front Camera of S9 and S9 Plus to focus on your face. Initially you feel strange and odd. But later you will love this because this feature uses your own face to make funny and attractive animated Emojis.

How to use AR Emoji?

There are 3 steps to access and use Galaxy S9 AR Emoji. You will love this after trying for the very first time. So, here are the steps.

#1. Open Camera and Allow Access

To access, open the front camera from your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus and select AR Emoji from top sliding option. After that a pop up will appear asking to allow to access the camera. Grant the ACCESS and open emoji creator.

A cut out will display on the screen, simply frame the face in that cut out and for more clarity make sure you remove glasses and also try to take out your hairs for more perfection. Click on the button just like taking a picture or selfie and make sure not to laugh or not open your lips.

#2. Customize Your Emoji

After taking the picture, click on next and it will take you to create and customize your skin and AR Emoji. After successful creation of emoji, you can customize it accordingly by the given buttons just below the screen.

You can adjust your skin tone by sliding left and right given below your Emoji. You can also do various stuff to your Emoji with the help of 3 buttons given just under the slider.

You can adjust the look of your AR Emoji by applying cool changes like you can change hair from different hairstyles available. You can select glasses from the available collection or not if you do not want any glasses.

You can try different t-shirts style available in the list for more.

After getting OK with your creation, click ‘OK’ and you will get a pop up asking if you want your AR Emoji as a sticker in your keyboard. If you want emoji as a sticker click OK else click on X on upper right corner.

#3. Try Your New AR Emoji

Next your Galaxy S9 will hit the camera and this time you will see your AR Emoji instead of your face following your face actions and activities. Just try different things like speaking and moving your face and your Emoji will follow you.

Best is you can take a picture or can record a video of your AR Emoji with your facial expressions and if you want to switch back to your normal camera mode, you can do that by settings given at top.

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Samsung provided this feature with Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus yet and may provide in future with other products too.

18 animated stickers has been featured which will work with third party apps like whatsapp and Facebook.

If you have any question, then drop it in comment section below. Don’t forget to share Samsung AR Emoji feature with friends on social sites.