Asus Flip Camera | 6z or Zenfone 6 Dual Front and Rear Cameras

Asus Flip Camera in 6z or zenfone 6

Asus flip camera is an innovated motorized camera which you can find in the Asus’ 6z or zenfone 6 smartphone. The lenses of these cameras are too powerful to click amazing sharp photos and you can easily shoot high quality videos.

This flip camera of Asus 6z or zenfone 6 smartphone works as a main camera and also as selfie camera. So what is exactly Asus flip camera look like? Have a look below…

Asus Flip Camera in 6z or zenfone 6Asus Flip Camera with Sony IMX586 sensor

Asus’s flip camera concept is bit unique. As you can see in normal smartphones, you will get 2 camera setups, one at front side to click selfies or for video calling and second at rear side.

In Asus 6z or Zenfone 6, you will find only one camera setup (2 dual cameras) at the rear side of a smartphone. So instead of 2 sides, you will get the cameras only at one side and that side you easily flip at the front side or backside using a control.

What Asus exactly did?

Asus’s engineers placed two cameras (48MP +13MP) at the rear end. They created a separate area to place the cameras and using a motor it flips and can be used as the main camera and for the selfie camera.

These days you might have also seen the popup cameras in the Vivo and Oneplus smartphones. I’ would say, this flip camera concept works similar like that but in the better way.

How Asus Flip camera works?

To flip this camera module, a motor has been used and it controls by a button. This flip is too quick and motor works very fast. So whenever, you need main camera as selfie camera, then just press the flip button and the whole camera module will flip quickly and you can take the images.

Here’s is the flip camera video…

As the camera works as both rear and selfie lens, it is the company’s first smartphone whose front camera can record a 4K video at 60 fps.

The motorized camera module can flip up to 100,000 times which is equals to 28 flips per day for 5 years.

In a review, Gadgets NDTV checked the Asus flip camera and found that the motorised flip camera is quite sturdy, with the hinge material quite strong!

Performance wise, the 48MP Sony primary sensor is a potent one and the 13MP ultra-wide lens adds versatility to the combination. In the day light condition, the Asus’s 48MP primary sensor takes detailed shots with good colours, dynamic range and exposure.

The ultra-wide lens of this phone is also a capable one, but it shows some noise and distortion in the output. However in the low light condition, both the sensors struggle and the phone’s native ‘Super Night mode’ also does not make much of a difference!

So that’s all about the Asus flip camera. What do you think of this?

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