8 Best Apps for Small Business

7 Best Apps for Small Business

There are number of apps for small business that any good entrepreneur should have on their devices. These applications will make your life so easy and you can run your business successfully! So have a look at the list of best small business apps below.

7 Best Apps for Small Business7 Best Apps for Small Business to Boost Productivity

Even though we call small business “small”, it may be not that easy to manage. The management becomes even more difficult if you don’t have money or opportunity to hire other people to delegate a part of the work.

Luckily for such owners, there are now plenty of mobile applications that are supposed to make the whole process way faster and easier. So if you are one of those small business owners who are struggling to get everything done in time, this list of applications might be of great help.

#1. Expensify


Maintaining one’s expenses is never easy. Maintaining one’s company’s expenses is even harder. This is something that should be on your top priority list alongside such questions as how to create your own business website and how to promote your business.

However, it is not a reason to panic as with the help of this little application you will be able to organize your expenses reports and send them away if needed. It is available for both Android and iOS and is absolutely free of charge to use.

#2. Receipts by Wave

This little application will be of big help to you. It allows you to manage your receipts by tracking and categorizing them, therefore, keeping your business’s financial side in order. You can download it from Apple Store or Google Play absolutely for free.

#3. Slack

Communication is an important part of doing any business. Most organizations use corporate messengers so that all employees can chat with one another when needed and could stay up to date with the latest news.

In this case, Slack became a perfect decision for many companies. It is free, easy to use and super reliable. For its users, Slack has a mobile and desktop application which makes the communication process even easier.

#4. Salesforce1

As a business owner, you probably have to travel a lot, though that does not mean that you can ignore taking care of your company. However, it might be hard at times to work in a dozen different programs at once.

Luckily for you, you do not have to anymore. This application allows you to combine all the data from your CRM, custom and business apps together, making it easier for you to immediately see the whole picture.

#5. GoToMeeting

Managing your small business operations, you will have to attend lots of meetings. Sometimes, it might be hard to remember all of them. With this application, though, you will not have to.

You now can join already existing meetings, create your own ones and send invites to your clients or colleagues if you have any. Also, it is absolutely free to use.

#6. SignEasy

This application has more than 3 million admirers from all around the world. What is its secret though?

Most likely it is the fact that you can sign off documents legally and with top security. Now you can do it even using your laptop or smartphone.

#7. Scanner Pro

Sometimes it is necessary to immediately scan some documents and there is no scanner around. With this application, you are now able to use your smartphone as a portable scanning device.

It costs just $2.99 and contains lots of additional features, like, for example, removing shadows, correcting the perspective and making the document look brighter.

#8. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is a popular lightweight app for everyone who wants to create professional designs in no time. This app, used by 8 million people around the globe, gives you a whopping variety of tools, ranging from an awesome business card maker and logo maker to dozens of formats and studio-level templates for all social networks.

Since visuals are of high importance, it’s an absolutely necessary app to have at hand for any small business.

So there are the 8 best apps for small business that can boost your small business productivity in very short time!

Maintaining a small business might be challenging at times, however, these little apps are there to help you keep everything in order. What is even better, most of them are free and will not consume much space on your device. Also, they all are available for Android as well as iOS, so you will not have any troubles with installation. Manage your business with ease!

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