Top 5 Best Sites like Tinder

5 Best Sites like Tinder for Android or iOS

Tinder is a dating site which is one of the best hookup sites. If you’re looking for Tinder alternatives then checkout the list of best sites like Tinder below and make new connections with new people online!

5 Best Sites like Tinder for Android or iOSSince launching in 2011, to say Tinder is a dating site which has risen in popularity is something of an understatement. Within its first 3 years of activity, it was registering over one billions ‘swipes’ on a daily basis (the swipe right for liking or swipe left for disliking is the simplistic but devastatingly efficient algorithm the app uses to propel its users towards matches.) Linked into photos and short bios, Tinder is certainly an extremely popular method of introducing like-minded individuals based on little more motivation than initial physical attraction.

But there are many other dating sites and apps which, like Tinder, provide equally efficient matching services. So have a look at best sites like Tinder below.

5 Best Sites like Tinder for Android or iOS


Unlike Tinder, with its swiping approach, Flirt is a more rounded and less intuitive dating app but is no less efficient for this. Clients might not be in a position to like or dismiss potential dates with a casual flick of their finger, but they can certainly fine-tune the people they would like to get in touch with by specifying certain ‘ideal’ parameters, covering everything from their profession to their hair color, and whether or not they are inked.

Flirt is also renowned for offering its clients an exemplary service when it comes to international dating.

#2. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is aimed at a specific dating demographic, namely 30 to 55-year-old university-educated professionals. Because dating sites are often generic, making it quite a bind to browse through the hordes of profiles seeking someone suitable, EliteSingles pre-empts the possibility of coming across incompatible partners by ensuring its paying members will only ever be matched with their peers. While it is obviously quite different from Tinder in many respects, it shares equal popularity and fierce devotion amongst its long-standing members.

#3. eHarmony

Nowhere near as simplistic as Tinder in its approach, eHarmony is based on compatibility rather than a knee-jerk reaction to images. This is built up by inviting clients to complete a long, exhaustive questionnaire from the outset.

This is no simple yes or no set of questions, but more of an online survey requiring in-depth responses which go towards painting an accurate portrait of its members. The questions which are posed are intended to provide site users with a comprehensive impression of their potential dates and includes queries about their personality and even their belief system.

#4. Cupid

Cupid might not have the initial impact of Tinder, but what it does have is your very own wingman! To the uninitiated, this hearkens back to the days when you would head over to bars or clubs, with a friend in tow, ready to dispense advice or accompany you on forays onto the dancefloor.

In the virtual world, his name’s Barney, and he’s on hand to assist you every step of the way as you navigate through the often uncharted waters of online dating. Beyond the gimmick, there is valuable information available to newcomers. Cupid itself is far from stilted; in fact, some commentators have criticized the interface for being unduly brash in its color palette.

But this hasn’t dissuaded any of the singles who regularly bookmark this particular site, or give the app prominence in their smart device screens.

#5. PlentyOfFish

Launched in 2003, PlentyOfFish is a dating service primarily serving the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

It provides a free interface, although members can upgrade to premium services in order to see who has liked their profile, and which messages have been read or deleted.

Simple to use, it’s an efficient app which is extremely popular, ranking number one in the US by market share several years ago.

So these are some of the best sites like Tinder. These alternatives you can prefer to make new connections with new people.

So guys which dating app you liked most?

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