Best Password Manager

Best Password Manager

You need a password manager extension to save your effort of remembering a lot of passwords. Here we have brought a list of best password manager applications that you can download and use in a secure way!

Most of people have online accounts, and they use the same passwords. It is easy to remember the password, but it also leaves us in danger. If one of the passwords is hacked, all other accounts will be at risk.

So to sort out this problem we use the password manager extensions and we install it in chrome or Firefox browsers.

Best Password ManagerWhat is Password Manager?

A password manager helps you to keep your passwords secure and help you to create a strong password that is not possible to guess.

So while using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, we use the extensions like Lastpass password manager, Keeper password manager to save the passwords.  After activation, these extensions (whatever you activated) easily guess the password and show popup to save the details!

Basically you’ll see Autofill and Autosave features in these password managing apps, which are brilliant!

Every time whenever you do login on any website or create an account, these extensions will popup a message to save the details. So next time when visit the same website you will get all details there, the login details would be auto filled on the login page.

This makes your work process speedy!

So use a password manager to create a secure and unique for every website and secure your account from being hacked.

Now you must be thinking about what is the best password manager for you? So here below is the list of the some of the best password managers that you can opt to save the login credentials in a secure way.

Best Password Manager List to Manage Login Credentials

#1. Dashlane

Dashlane is a designed password manager app that saves user credentials and stores them locally. It helps users in filling forms and provides automatic logins, import/export of credentials, two-factor authentication etc.

Dashlane’s free password can store a lot of passwords for you. You can also go for premium options in which you can expand the device to unlimited.

You will also get extra features like cloud backup and cross-device syncing with the Premium option. The app also helps to store credit cards, debit cards, and other payment details. It is a secure password creator.

#2. KeyPass

It is a very famous Windows desktop password manager. Not only is this it also available for Linux and mac0S. It is a combination of a key file and master password.

Keypass stores the usernames and passwords offline on the user’s device. It also maintains the import and export of credentials in CSV, XML, HTML, etc. It is free and open-source software which was first developed in 2004.

It supports some features like two-factor authentication, autofill etc. KeyPass also comprises a built-in password generator tool.

#3. Roboform

Roboform is a neat and clean edge with good looks. Roboform is released in 1999 and is one of the oldest password managers.

 It is available for iOS, Windows 10, Android, and mac0S. The free version allows the users to store limitless passwords, single-click logins for websites and apps, automatically fill web forms etc. Also, there is paid version available, which gives some extra benefits like cloud sync.

It provides offline access and reliable search functionality to the passwords. It allows users to share their login credentials safely and provides folders for managing passwords efficiently.

#4. Keeper

Keeper is also one of the best free Password manager. All the options in this software are good and neatly arranged on the left. If you click any one of them, then it will show the settings.

The best part is that you can easily login credentials to record photos, videos, etc. Keeper apps are available for Linux, macOS, iOS, Android etc.

Even it has extensions for various web pages. The web and desktop versions almost look similar. You can easily add a limitless number of passwords and other payment details.

 It is a built-in password audit tool and a neat and clean UI that seems to be premium.

#5. Truekey

It is a very famous password manager for macOS, iOS, Windows 10, and Android. It helps web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

It is an excellent app because of various sign-in methods which include fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, facial recognition, two-step verification etc.

This password keeper app also has a password generator and a digital wallet which stores all your personal information. It is owned and operated by McAfee.

#6. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce gives you a lot of benefits than other password manager apps. There are a lot of features of this app which includes password strength report, two-factor authentication options, cross-device sync, biometrics support, digital wallet, secure password sharing etc.

It also includes an option to convert a USB into 2FA token and one-click functionality which can automatically change your weak passwords.

Even this allows the user to create a password-less account or add a master password. It is a very safe and secure wallet to store credit card information.

#7. LastPass – Best Password Manager

Lastpass is a free password manager which offers a lot to users. You can simply download its extension for Mozilla or Chrome browsers and use to for free to save account login details.

Its interface is quite easy. Once your open the browser and activate it, you can do your job easily and quickly.

LastPass locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault and save your account details from hacking.

In addition to this, it works as password generator and that’s why many developers in the coding industry prefer the Lastpass password manager as their first choice.

#8. PassCamp

PassCamp is another extension that many users prefer. Using this you can keep, manage and share passwords.  Here’re some of the features that PassCamp application offers…

  • Easy to use – AutoSave & Auto Fill with single click.
  • Generate strong passwords.
  • Easy and secure sharing base on user roles.
  • End-to-end encryption and 2 factor authentication.
  • Store, organize and manage your passwords effortlessly

Regarding Passcamp pricing, it is free for personal use. You can save up to 15 passwords.  If you want to save more than 15 (looking for unlimited passwords), then you have to buy its basic plan which costs $2.95/month only.

So that’s all about the free password managers. I hope you liked it!