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Best Tech Gifts for Everyone

Everybody likes technology. So if you have been looking for best tech gifts for men and women or for boys and girls then checkout the list of cool tech gifts below which you can easily find on online shopping sites.

Below mentioned tech gifts are affordable.  You can buy a standard or a good quality product under $50 or INR 3000.  The gadget’s cost could be higher if you need more features! So let’s dive in and checkout the tech gifts ideas list.

Best Tech Gifts for EveryoneBest Tech Gifts for Your Loved Ones

#1. Headphones

headphones wired or wireless under $50

Headphones are a great choice if you want to gift someone. It is a best indoor gadget for those who love music, movies and play games online. You can get a vast range of headphones from various shops in the budget range. Here are some of the brands that you can look for wired or wireless headphones…

  • JBL
  • Skullcandy
  • Beats
  • Bose
  • Sennheiser

#2. Flash drive / Pen Drive

Flash drives are so worthy these days to keep important data. This plugin & play gadget is very useful to store important documents. It is a portable device which anybody carries easily. It is also supported by all modern devices.

These days, this device also comes in OTG variant, which you can easily connect with smartphones or any other mobile devices to transfer the documents.

Samsung, Sandisk, Kingston are some of the popular brands in the flash drive segment! If you want to gift someone, then 32GB or 64GB Pen drive is good enough.

#3. Wireless keyboard and mouse combo

This is another gadget that you can gift someone. A wireless keyboard and mouse you can easily buy from online store at best prices. So those who do office jobs on computer or mostly sent their time on computer… then can gift theme a combo of keyboard and mouse.

#4. Earphones

For outdoors mostly people prefer the earphones. These earphones bear less weight and offer a great quality sound. It comes in wired and wireless variants and you easily get a best quality super base earphone under $50.

So if you want to give someone a special tech gift then earphones would be the best gift which can be used to listen to music, for video chants and even for voice communication.

#5. Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth or wireless speaker is a value for money device which offers a theatre type sound quality. It comes in different range and in different shades. But you can get a good quality Bluetooth speaker (3W or 5W) in a budget range easily.

The Bluetooth speaker can be connected easily with an android or iOS devices. Even you can connect the speaker with AUX cable.

You can use the Bluetooth speaker in a room to watch movies or listen to music. You can also use the wireless speaker in a party.

#6. Smartwatch  / Fitness band

Smartwatch or fitness band both is slightly different things but this is a gift that suits on the wrist. Smartwatch is some kind of flagship product but you gift it someone if you can afford.

Well if smartwatch is not in your budget range then fitness band you can gift to someone. A fitness band shows time and also shows some fitness related things like – heart rate readings (monitor your heart rate), walking distance, track your sleep etc.

#7. Smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clock is a unique device that shows the time and also can be used for other things. You can find a number of smart alarm clocks like..

  • Clock with FM Radio
  • Clock with Bluetooth Speaker
  • Clock with Charging pads

smart alarm clock with fm radio and blutooth speaker

So under $50 you can find a lot of alarm clock which not only show time but also offers other valuable features. You can get a smart alarm clock with FM radio or Bluetooth speaker online from

#8. Smart LED Wi-fi Bulbs

The smart led bulbs are in trend. This single bulb illuminates a number of lights like red, blue, purple, yellow, white, pink etc. This LED light can be controlled easily using a mobile app using a wi-fi connection.

Even you can control the functioning of a light using Google assistant or using Amazon Alexa. So guys… consider the smart LED bulbs as one of the best tech gifts.

#9. VR Headset

VR is too popular among gamers and movie lovers. It provides virtual reality for the wearer. So if you have been looking a gadget for a movie or a game lover then VR headset would be the best choice.

#10. Wi-Fi Range Extender

Everybody needs Wi-Fi to run internet and a Wi-Fi range extender can full fill this need. A wi-fi range extender amplifies or increase range of wi-fi signals and provides the full range of internet to everyone.

So basically this device increases the coverage of wireless signals. If your guy plays with the networks then I think this can be the best gift for him.

#11. External HDD

External HDD is a great device to save important documents. It is a very useful device for those who want to keep the backup of each and everything.

This product is always preferred by a web developer, a photographer, a video creator. Even they buy 2 or 3 extra hard drives… just to save multiple copies of a same data.

So if you think… someone has really needed this product then you can gift it. In market, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba these types of companies are available which offer a portable external hard drive at low prices.

#12. Streaming Stick

Roku streaming stickVideo streaming devices are also in trends. These days nobody likes the cable connection. Everyone wants to see the video content at their own time without any disturbance or ads.

So here the streaming stick helps… it converts the normal LED TV into smart TV and using the stick you can watch the videos and TV seasons in high quality anytime!

We have checked a lot of streaming sticks but Roku streaming stick (cheap) and Amazon fire TV are the best ones that you can look to stream videos.

#13. Portable Charger / Power Bank

These days power bank is necessary item to keep the smartphone charged. It is a portable device that can charge mobile device anywhere. It is a must have gadget for the travellers.

You can get a USB ready powerbank of 10000mAh, 20000mAh capacity at low prices on festival seasons on under $50.

#14. Mic

To record videos or audios, everybody prefers a best quality Mic. A good quality Mic records a good quality sound and hence it gives a best sound experience to users.

So if your guys is a musician, you tuber, tutor then you can gift him a good quality noise cancellation Mic.

#15. Smartphone Lens Kit

Mobile camera doesn’t provide too much zoom. So for more zoom… smartphone lens kit works. The lens kit increases the capacity of mobile zoom and hence you can click far away photos easily.

So you don’t need a DSLR camera to shoot professional-looking photography — all you need is your Android phone and a reliable lens kit!

A smartphone lens kit is a valuable device for those who like photography. You can get a best quality smartphones lens kit for iOS or android device form online stores.

So guys this is our best tech gifts ideas

You can prefer any one to gift it someone. A quality product you can easily get under $50. So follow our list and select the best matched one to gitf it loved ones!

I hope you liked the list of tech gifts. Please share it with others and keep visiting our blog for more updates!