What is the Best Way to Carry Cell Phone or A Smartphone in Pocket?

Best Way to Carry Cell Phone Inside Pocket

Many people don’t know how to keep a smartphone properly in pocket without affecting its life. If you are one of them and don’t know the best way to carry cell phone in pocket, then keep reading this tech article till end to know all answers!!

Smartphone has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Putting smartphones into our pockets after using has become our habits. If after use, you also keep your phone in pocket, then just remember, its position matters!

A right position of phone in pocket could increase phone’s life. But a wrong position affects a smartphone life badly.

So let’s see, what is the best way to carry a smartphone in your pocket?

Best Way to Carry Cell Phone Inside PocketBest Way to Carry Cell Phone in Your Pocket

Well guys, many people do not know the exact position of placing a smartphone in a pocket.  If you really want to increase your phone life, then its position in packet is very important.

  • A wrong position can affect a smartphone life; even it may damage some components.
  • But the right position increases the cell phone life and also saves unnecessary wastage of money.

Here is the best way to carry a smartphone in pocket:

When you keep your smartphone in your pocket then make sure that the charging port, audio jack port should be up.

If charging port and audio jack port are opposite side, then always give the priority to charging port. Its position should be upside inside your pocket.

Why Position UPSIDE?

If charging port or audio jack port is placed downside, many dust particles will come in and may affect the efficiency of charging. For example:

  • Any Food Item May Go Inside, Blocks The Charger To Enter.
  • Tiny Peebles May Damage The Charging or Audio Port.
  • Dust May Get Stuck Inside, And You Can’t Charge. It Could Damage the Ports.

So this is the best way to carry a cell phone in pocket. Always position the charging port or audio port upside in your pocket.

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