Apple iPhone Xc Specs, Features, Price, Concept, and Leaks

Apple iPhone Xc Specs, Features, Price, Concept, and Leaks

Apple iPhone Xc is an affordable alternative to iPhone X, could be launched soon by the company in 2018 (if the company listens).  Like the iPhone 5c, this phone would be colorful and cheaper. Here is what we know so far about the new iPhone Xc.

Check out the iPhone Xc full phone specifications, features, concept, and leaks. Do also check the price details below.

Apple iPhone Xc Specs, Features, Price, Concept, and LeaksApple iPhone Xc Specifications and Features

iPhone Xc concept had posted by the iDropnews. The concept shows that the phone would be inexpensive as compared to iPhone X.  If Apple considers this concept, then many people can easily afford this featured-rich handset.

Meet the iPhone Xc Concept

Like the iPhone 5c, this smartphone may feature the same colour schemes – Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Green.

According to the leaked images or design concept, the iPhone Xc may feature an edge to edge bezel less infinity display. Like the iPhone 10, the front side would not contain any home button.

Under the hood, Apple could use an A11 Bionic or A12 chipset.  The supportable memory would be 64GB and 128GB.

Instead of metal glass case body, the company could apply a plastic / polycarbonate case to protect the phone components.

As far as cameras are concerned, this affordable handset may feature a true depth dual rear cameras system with some interesting features.

Apple iPhone Xc Price

iPhone X is one of the best phone of Apple. But it is too costly. Some people can’t afford it. As the concept shows, the iPhone X alternative would be budget friendly.

According to the concept and leaks, iPhone Xc could be priced at $499 to $599.  

Apple could easily shave a good $200 from the iPhone X by employing the polycarbonate design.

Well guys, this is just a concept made by Martin Hajek. Apple hasn’t announced anything officially yet. However, if Apple listens this concept, only then we could see iPhone Xc in the market.

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