Encryption vs Password Protection – What’s The Difference?

Encryption vs Password Protection – What’s The Difference

Recently, we have posted about Encrypted vs. Unencrypted phone. In that topic, we had covered one line that if you have set the password on your phone, then it is still unencrypted – means insecure.

Now, what is the mean by that?

To clear your mind confusion, we have come with another post. In this tech article, we will briefly explain the difference between encrypted and password protected devices.

Encryption vs Password Protection – What’s The DifferenceEncryption vs Password Protection – What’s The Difference?

What is Password Protected Device?

A password protected device is a device, which gets unlocked when a correct key combination is entered.

Suppose you have set the password of your device to 123@321


The device will be unlocked, when you will enter the right key combination i.e. 123@321.

Sometimes you also set the patterns or PIN to unlock the screen and  to access the data.

Now the question is…

Is password protected phone secure?

Actually, the answer is NO.

Even if you have set the password on your mobile, then it is still insecure. Means, an attacker can easily access your phone data without much effort.

Password is just a thin layer between your device and data, which is breakable using some tools.

Or, the attackers can plug-in your device into another computer to access your whole data in minutes.

So never trust on the password protected devices.

If you need more security and want to keep sensitive data safe, then encrypt your phone or tablet data.

What is Encrypted Protected Device?

If a device is encrypted, then an attacker can’t access your phone data easily, because an encryption stores your phone’s data in an unreadable, seemingly scrambled form.

If you don’t know how to encrypt a device, then click here and see how to encrypt phone.

A scrambled data is very hard to crack!

Now the question is…

What will happen, if a person plug-in your device into another computer?

In the case of password protection, a person could easily access your phone’s data by just connecting it to another computer.

But in the encrypted protected devices, the person will get only scrambled data instead of unscrambled data.

So even if you device is password protected, its information is readable. But if go with the encryption, then you can make your device more secure or unreadable for others.

I hope you have understood.

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