Gimp Clone Tool Not Working – Here’s How to use It!

Gimp Clone Too

Gimp clone tool is a clone stamp tool used to paint over the background. Using this feature a creator can fix many types of image blunders!

So, if you use this application a lot to create photos and don’t know how to use Gimp clone tool then here we will explain everything, hence you can fix the images’ issues easily.

Well before to continue what this tool does and where you can use it during photo editing process. Let’s find out…

Gimp Clone TooWhat Clone Tool Does?

A clone tool as you know it copies a specific area of an image and upon pasting it release the exact same impression on same image(on some different area) or on another image. So basically it is a copy paste tool which is used by many photo editors in the photo editing!

Now the question is where we can use it.

When to use the Clone Tool?

We can use this Clone stamp tool to fix the images issue. It is used by photo editor in many cases and here’re some cases that we know…

  1. To fix the cracks which we can see in the old hard copy of images.
  2. To remove the unnecessary objects from an image like wires, tiny black dots etc.
  3. It is also used to create similar background if something is not OK.
  4. You can give a retouch and repair with clone too.
  5. It is used to recreate the same border, tile structures and design of a wall.

So these are some area where we mostly prefer the clone tool. This is a very helpful tool for the photo editors and gives new shape to your photo editing skills.

Now let back to our problem….

Gimp Clone Tool Not Working – How to fix it?

Many people face, this tool doesn’t work. So if you are from those who have a similar problem while using the Gimp clone tool then here are some tips that you can apply to make this tool working.

Common problem that faced by many people is…

I can select what to clone but when trying to paint or substitute, nothing appears.


This might be you don’t know the controls. So press ctrl+ mouse click (cmd + mouse click on a Mac) to set a source, let go ctrl (cmd) and just click to ‘paint’ in the clone as shown in a demo video below :

How to Clone? Here’s the Video

So hold CTRL and click the area to be cloned and then release CTRL and draw over the area you wish to change while holding the left mouse button.

Tip 2: Update or Install

Update the gimp tool application or Remove the old version of gimp and install the latest version. This will fix a lot of issues and you can experience new features.

So apply these tips to fix gimp clone tool issue.

Once it’s done, then you can use this clone tool in the photo editing process and easily create awesome images for free!

You can read more about the gimp clone tool from here. Here you will learn everything related to clone stamp tool and use it during photo editing.

I hope this guide will work for you.