Best Ways to Speed up Your Mac for Free – Speedy Tricks!

Speed up Your Mac

Don’t wait for new Mac models! Now apply these smart tricks and speed up your Mac for free without using any utility program. So let’s see the different ways to increase the Mac speed.

Macs are well known for their speed, efficiency, and incredibly sleek design. Also, it is always nice to know that you are using a product of technological innovation because each year, we are waiting for new models, new macOS, and whatnot.

Of course, nothing is forever; neither are Macs. Surely, these computers often serve a person for many years with no complaints, but you have to understand that any electrical device will get older and slower with time. The same applies to Macs. And if you do not take proper care of your Mac, it will become slower than you expected.

If you are already experiencing problems with a slower Mac, then might help you learn how to deal with these issues and speed up your Mac. And if not, maybe these tips will come in handy for you in the future – it is always good to know how to deal with technical issues upfront.

Speed up Your MacHere’s How to Speed up Your Mac without using any Application

#1. Do Not Forget to Update Occasionally

There are many of us who have a habit of postponing updates. No matter if it is an app update or a macOS update – sometimes it might take up a few weeks until we finally decide to install the updates.

But it is always important to remember that both apps and macOS updates are important. They often include all kinds of bug fixes, and the most important fact is that apps and macOS need to get along.

When there is a new macOS update released, many apps tend to release their updates as well so that the app would function better on the newest macOS – it needs to adapt so that it doesn’t crash. Therefore, if you don’t update both your apps and macOS, a lot of apps might have technical issues.

#2. Speed up Mac by Investing in a Good Antivirus

Even though many people say that Macs are pretty safe computers by themselves, you can still easily catch all sorts of malware, and it is always better to play safe than be sorry afterward. Always have a reliable antivirus for your Mac because otherwise, you might lose valuable data.

Losing important data might be a very serious issue – especially if you use Mac for your work. Therefore, it is even worse if you would experience personal or work data leakage – this might expose confidential information about your company or cause some unpleasant situations for you.

#3. Review Your Startup Items

Startup items are the apps that start together with your Mac. And it is completely normal to have some, especially if you use your Mac for work and want your email app to launch automatically each time you turn on your computer.

But if you have such apps like Teamviewer that are only needed in specific situations, think about removing them from your startup items.

Have it in mind that these startup apps will slow down your Mac and run in the background until you turn them off. So if you have too many apps at your startup, you should remove some of them.

To do so, you can start your Mac and see what apps have launched together with your computer. If you want to remove an app, find it on the Dock, hover on it with your cursor, and uncheck the option Start At Login.

#4. Clear Your Desktop Area

This may sound like very simple advice, but it is effective. Some people do not know this, but each thumbnail that is sitting on your desktop is slowing down your Mac. This is because Mac is using its resources to display each thumbnail.

This issue can often happen to people who work with piles of files, like graphic designers or photographers. If you do not have time to clear your desktop every day, you should at least create a folder and place your files in it, so that there are lesser thumbnails on the desktop.

#5. Empty Your Trash

Yes that is important too…

It is always great to review your files and delete some of them, especially if they are quite large. The more free space you have, the faster your Mac will be able to run.

But another thing to always remember is to clear your Trash Bin. If you skip this step, the deletion of the largest files will have no positive impact on your Mac’s performance speed.

#6. BONUS TIP: Clean the Outside of Your Mac

Last but not least, it is important to clean and review the inside of your Mac, but it is also very crucial to clean the outside of your Mac as well. If your computer up with dust, it will be using a lot of energy to cool down; therefore, this will cause your computer to run slower and will not be healthy for the fans and Mac’s battery too.

So guys, these are some of the best ways to speed up your Mac. If you liked it, then please share it with others!