How To Become a Software Developer

How To Become a Software Developer

Software developers are the creative force behind the development of computer programs of all kinds. Software developers design and build codes which are used to build anything from the operating systems to apps to video games.

How To Become a Software Developer

Software developers are engaged with the entire development process, that is, figuring out the needs of the user and also the way they are going to roll out the computer application.

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In this article, we are going to discuss and analyze the way which you could follow in order to become a software developer.

What Are The Daily Tasks Of The Software Developer?

When you are becoming a software developer, you need to be aware of the different tasks that a software developer daily does:

1. Analysing the needs of the software users.

2. Designing and Testing the software programs to meet the needs of the software.

3. Crafting the models and diagrams that outline the code that is needed to create software.

4. Maintenance and testing of the software to keep it functioning.

5. Documentation of the process to provide the information needed for up-gradation of the softwares.

6. Software developers make sure that they monitor the entire system and give feedback and suggestions and incorporate the suggestions into existing software.

7. Software developers collaborate with the other teams to make sure that they are able to work in a collaborative environment.

That is, the database administrators, graphic designers, project managers, and computer programmers work under one single umbrella.

Types Of Software Developers 

Software developers are of many kinds, and they include Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Graphic developers, Desktop Developer, Mobile Developer, Big data developers, Game developers, DevOps developers, and Security Developer.

Steps To Becoming A Software Developer

There are some of the key steps that are required to become a software developer. The steps are listed below.

Step 1: Getting The Relevant Degree 

The primary requisite to becoming a software developer is getting a relevant degree from a reputed organization.

Software developers must pursue an undergraduate degree in software engineering courses or computer science courses.

Apart from an undergraduate degree, one could pursue an Associate Degree of Software Engineering.

Step 2: Choosing Your Specialisation

A software developer typically specializes in Computer Application software or Computer System Software. There are application softwares that allows you to perform some specific task.

And on the other hand, the system software deals with the operating system and file management.

Step 3: Getting An Internship 

One must enroll himself or herself in upscaling themselves by injecting different skill set required through an internship.

In an internship program, one can integrate various teamwork-related tasks and learn the technicalities.

This is a platform where collaborative knowledge is upgraded simply to integrate more knowledge and input. Internship works as a transformation phase through practical orientation.

Step 4: Learn Programming Language 

In order to develop as a Software Developer, you need to have a foundation in a programming language. And lastly, you might consider Java, Python, C++, and Scala.

Step 5: Start Practising In Your Developer Niche

Whether you go on to follow a set track of knowledge building that is enrolling in a structured process of development or take a self-taught track, you need to devote time to working with programming languages and bruising up your skills continuously.

Therefore if you have an ingrained liking for designing apps, you could brush up your competency by building a mobile applications.

Step 6: Make A Portfolio Of Your Software Development Work

If you are practicing programming and building mobile apps and integrating them into different technical projects, compile them into a portfolio.

If you have a portfolio ready, it works to increase your employability. Your portfolio, at minimum, should contain a short biography, your relevant skills, Accolades and awards, professional and personal projects, Contract information, and others.

Step 7: Build and Develop Your Technical and Non Technical Skills 

Technical skills and competency is a must in developing a programming language. This will help you orient yourself with the other skills and competencies. A typical example includes:

  • SQL is a language used to power database engines.
  • Tools like Mercurial SCM and Git. These are the two control systems used to develop software.
  • The environment of Integrated Development that enables writing and modification of developing code.

At the same time, you need to develop your nontechnical skills like Communication skills, Creative Skills, and Problem-solving skills.


In order to conclude, it could be understood that an individual needs to go through a journey of learning and imbibing to completely transform into a professional.

At the same time, it needs to develop the non-technical skills to get the transformation!

So this is how you can become a software developer and enhance your key skills. For more info keep visiting our tech blog and don’t forget to share this awesome article with others on social sites.