How to get cryptocurrency

get cryptocurrency

Many users are starting to dive into the crypto industry, mistakenly believing that cryptocurrency is hard to get. Just imagine: you can take it and buy it for regular dollars. And the purchase can be paid by Visa/Mastercard, bank transfer, etc. The exchange will happen instantly – coins in your cryptocurrency wallet.

There are various services where sellers sell and buyers purchase digital coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. The most popular ways to buy cryptocurrency are exchanges and exchangers. The first way is more profitable, reliable, and suitable for coin price prediction. The second way is fast and straightforward. An alternative without an intermediary – p2p-exchangers. They allow users to make transactions to buy/sell cryptocurrencies directly.

get cryptocurrency


Mining is creating a new block in the network, which miners do. They provide the system with the processing power of their equipment, for which they are rewarded in the form of cryptocurrencies.

However, the complexity of mining is constantly increasing. Whereas in the early days of cryptocurrencies, it was possible to mine from an ordinary computer, now mining requires a huge amount of computing power.

Thus, many mining methods have become ineffective. As a result, miners began to think of new ways to make money from mining cryptocurrencies, so mining farms appeared (miners combined the power of their computers to increase the chances of success).

Cloud Mining

It is possible to mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud, in other words, to rent computing power. Many services are offering such services to users. You conclude a cloud contract with one of them, having studied various offers beforehand, and buy the capacity for a certain amount of money.


The profitability of mining depends on the capacity of the equipment involved: the more significant the total power, the higher the chances of mining a block first. But there is another way to earn on cryptocurrency – stacking, where the critical role is played by the number of coins the user has. They are placed in a particular account and used to maintain the blockchain, and the owner of the assets receives remuneration for this.


Farming, or income farming, is becoming one of the most popular passive ways to make money in the DeFi industry. It provides liquidity to a project by placing tokens in a pool. In return, users receive rewards based on the amount they invest.

In simple words, farming is making a profit by placing tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange. Read more about profitable agriculture in the article.


This earning, such as crypto trading, is based on the principle “Buy cheaper and sell dearer.” Because the price of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing, the trader can make quick deals and earn the difference in rates. Cryptocurrency trading takes place on trading floors – crypto exchanges — interesting information for traders:

You need to register on the exchange and verify your account (if required) to start trading.

Then make a deposit to the exchange and buy crypto for other digital currencies or fiat currency (if the exchange works with fiat). Popular exchanges for trading – Binance, Okex, Exmo.