Why Am I Getting Vertical Lines on TV Screen and How to Fix It?

vertical lines on a TV screen

When you see vertical lines on a TV screen, you need to know that an underlying issue is leading to the problem. It is quite common for TV to display vertical lines and it happens due to poor power supply.

Well guys, if you want to know how to fix a TV screen with lines, you are in the right direction as we have covered some points which will solve this issue in few minutes! Let’s dig more in details and find out why it happens!

vertical lines on a TV screen

Why Am I Getting Vertical Lines on TV Screen?

In some cases, you can see the TV screen has lines if the TV is not connected to HDMI cable rail or there is a poor connection between the processing panel and board. Another issue could be that the picture doesn’t fit the screen.

When you see vertical lines on the TV screen, firstly, you need to understand the leading cause of the problem. Then, you can start testing the picture and check the cable connections besides verifying that your external devices are working well.

If you’re wondering how to fix a TV screen with lines, then you can also start changing channels to understand whether the lines appear on all the media or not and understand that lines on a TV screen can also be a hardware or a software issue.

You can quickly troubleshoot the software issues, but you need to get some help from the device manufacturer or export for hardware issues. Below we have shared some tips which you apply to fix the vertical lines issue.

Tips: How to Fix a Tv Screen with Lines?

If you see that your TV screen has lines, then you need to power cycle your TV by switching it off or unplugging the power cord. You need to wait at least 2 minutes to plug back in the power cable. You can turn the TV on once you are done and check if the issue has been fixed or not.

You also need to check for cable connections as a faulty cable or the one you have not securely fasted into the input or output port can disrupt the signal and lead to horizontal or vertical lines.

You can check that you have secured all the cables at the exterior or interior of the TV and if you have a replacement, then change the chords. The lines can also occur if the external device is entirely faulty, and external devices can include a gaming console setup box.

Again, you need to fix or replace the device if it is defective, or you can try a different machine to ensure that a specific device is not causing the issue.

You need to check the picture settings to help you get rid of green lines on the TV screen. Picture displays are affected most by aspect ratio screen resolution and horizontal or vertical scan frequencies.

In this case, you need to refer to the device’s external user manual to adjust the picture format settings. When connecting your external device, you need to picture the format settings device.

You need to update the TV software that runs the device as an outdated software program leads to several issues, including vertical lines for poor picture quality.

You need to fix the problem by updating the software as obsolete software and not allowing you to install new apps. You need to factory reset your TV if all the above processes don’t work.

So, guys this is all about Vertical Lines on TV screen!

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