Top 9 Infotainment System for Your Car – Worth Upgrade!

infotainment system

Infotainment system is an entertainment cum information box which you need while driving a car. So if you looking for best car Infotainment systems then below we have complied a list which you can check to buy a right product!

What is Infotainment system?

An Infotainment system is a kind of 7 to 10-inch tab which people use in car. It is kind of touch pad item which you can use to play music or watch the videos. You can even see the maps on this infotainment system.

So, it is combo product where you can control the music, radio, and get the road directions. Even if there a camera for parking then all visuals can be tracked on this 7-inch screen, so you can park your car without any much effort – SUPERB!!

As per the price range, the features of car infotainment system may vary. It’s up to you what type of product is right for you. If you don’t have any idea then I would recommend you always buy an infotainment box with Aux, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

infotainment system

Top 9 infotainment system for your car

Technology is one of the best democratizes and sceptics, which should look no further than today’s cars that offer more choices than ever before when it comes to in-car entertainment choices. Automakers are curious to help people get more features in their vehicles with an infotainment!!

So, you can have an infotainment system for cars and make the most of entertainment. Check the list of best 9 systems below:


It is the best car infotainment system, as models are known as on-demand multi-information displays. It has a 7 inch lower and 8-inch upper display with a physical Rotary and a jog controller.

Alfa Romeo

The infotainment system is available in 6.5- or 8.8-inch best places and is operated by a controller on the centre console. The variants offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity; besides, the navigation is optional.

Aston Martin

Older models, including Vanquish, feature an AMI 3 that has navigation text message integration as Bluetooth. Its functions are managed through a Rotary controller on the center stack. It is a great infotainment system for cars.


Several older Audi models used an infotainment system known as MMI that features a Rotary knob featuring shortcut buttons used to access all the data on display.

The latest models also allow drivers to interact with the infotainment through a virtual cockpit, and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster operated with steering wheel controls. The new cars now use the latest version with two screens known as MMI touch response.


The car comes equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, but Bentgya has the latest version with features like navigation built-in hard drive for storing music in Google Earth satellite images.

The Continental GT convertible uses the same 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system that focuses on adding a luxury touch hidden behind the wood trim thanks to the tremendous rotating display bezel.


A basic am FM and satellite radio is available with USB Bluetooth and aux connectivity. Still, all the BMW models can easily be upgraded to an infotainment system known as I drive. It is similar to the Tesla infotainment upgrade.


The information system runs on the essential software, similar to General Motors cars like Chevrolet and GMC. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on all the models except the Cascada convertible that uses the older version of the infotainment system.

Screen size is available in 7 or 8 inches, but it depends on the model. The navigation offered is also an option. WiFi hotspot is available under GNM models.


It offers a 7 to 8-inch touch screen display on most models, and there’s an option for navigation as there is inbuilt connectivity to the on-star telematics system. FM am satellite radio Bluetooth aux, and USB inputs are also included in the system.


The infotainment system offers buyers a choice of 2 touch screens powered by your connect software. It includes 7 inches in 8.4 inches. Both features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity besides Bluetooth satellite radio and aux ports.

The 8.4-inch display can be an option with navigation with syrinx and traffic and travel information. The oldest vehicle in the Dodge lineup is Journey, and it has the oldest infotainment features like the 4.3-inch touch screen.