How to make a phone not reachable with these simple top 12 tricks

How to make a phone not reachable

We know some simple tricks that can temporarily make your phone unreachable. So if you want to know, dive in below and learn how to make a phone not reachable in Android, iPhone, keypad based phone for free!

There are times when we all need a break from our constantly ringing smartphones. Whether you need some peace and quiet or want to avoid someone for a while, making your phone unreachable can be useful. Here are top 12 working tricks to make your phone not reachable.

#1. Airplane mode

This method is quite common and very quick to put a phone in an unreachable mode. You can do it by simply turning on the airplane mode and it can be done very using:

  • Settings > Connection & Sharing > Tap to turn on Airplane mode OR
  • Swipe down quick settings (on top side) > turn on Airplane mode

Note: Airplane mode disables all wireless connections including calling, texting, mobile data, and more. It is the fastest way to disconnect.

#2. Change provider’s network

The latest smartphones automatically pick the right provider network. But if you want the caller to hear that the phone is currently unavailable or out of coverage area, then change the provider’s network.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Tap on SIM (1 or 2) to open SIM info & settings > Carrier
  • Here turn off automatically network selection and force manual network selection searching.
  • Vendor’s nearest towers like Airtel, VI, IN Dolphin Bsnl, Jio will appear, tap on other one and force it to pick other network.

In this way, if you are using Airtel SIM then you can set Jio mobile tower and this will make your phone unreachable.

#3. Change preferred network type

Similar to network selection, the preferred network type like 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G helps a lot to put a phone in a non-reachable state. You can just change the network type of your device from 5G to 4G or 2G to 3G.

So basically, here the agenda is force your device to connect to a network signal that your carrier doesn’t provide. For example, if your carrier no longer offers 3G or doesn’t have 5G yet, switching to those network types will make your device unreachable.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Tap on SIM (1 or 2) to open SIM info & settings > Preferred network type
  • Now choose a network type that your vendor doesn’t support now.

So by opting for a dead network type, you can put your phone in an unreachable mode. Now if someone tries to contact you, your phone won’t ring!

#4. Disable SIM Network

Another cool trick is to just disable the SIM card. So whatever SIM card you want to disable, you can disable it in just 1 tap under the settings. It is very close to Airplane mode but wireless services like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will still work and you can use internet.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Tap on SIM (1 or 2) to open SIM info & settings > Disable it

As the SIM network disabled, any attempts to contact you will go unanswered. You can enable it by visiting the same steps!

#5. Remove SIM card

Removing the SIM is a quick and best approach. Just take a SIM ejector tool or a hairpin or paperclip, and eject your SIM card tray and remove the SIM. This is a very quick way and you can do it in just 10 seconds. As the device is now SIM free, no incoming calls and text will be received!

#6. Wrap in Aluminum foil

This is a very interesting and fun-loving trick. To do it, just wrap your smartphone inside aluminum foil paper and cover it at least with 2 layers. You can even put your device for a while in the Aluminum coated case. This way the signals won’t penetrate or the signal strength is weak. Upon calling, the phone will not ring.

#7. Call Forward to Expired Number

Call forwarding is a very unique trick and looks very genuine. In this, you have to do a call forwarding setting and forward your calls to an expired number. So now if anyone tries to call you, the call will be forwarded to the expired number. This will make the phone unreachable.

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Call settings > Carrier-related settings > Call Forwarding

#8. Call Barring

Call barring is a service that you can enable in your phone to block all unwanted local and international incoming calls. When it is active on your device, you won’t receive any calls on your device. To do this, go to:

  • Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Call settings > Carrier-related settings > Call Barring

#9. Third party application

Third party applications like Call Silencing apps, Spam Call blockers do a very good job. In these applications, you can do some settings like lower the signal strength, APN issues, block numbers for a while, forward number, auto detect spam calls and block it.

#10. Block number

By default this feature comes with every mobile and you can use it to block someone’s number or a particular number for free. Just tap on the number and click on the block number option. This way you can stop someone from calling. Now, if he/she tries again to call you, he won’t get any response, aka your phone will be in a non-reachable state.

#11. Turn off phone / Remove battery

In built-in battery phones this trick is not possible, however if you own a removable battery phone or a burner phone, then you can easily remove the battery. This way no function will work and your phone will be treated as in a non-reachable state or switched off.

#12. Use jammer

Last but not least, use a signal blocker or a jammer. A jammer blocks the signal up to a limit. This gadget basically lowers the signal strength and hence each and every device in a Jammer range won’t work. So if you can somehow take your phone in jammer range then you can make it unreachable.

Note: As a civilian, you cannot use a jammer in your home or building without permission from the authorities.

All of the techniques listed above regarding how to make a phone not reachable come in fair practice. You can use any one as per the situation and temporarily silence your phone.  This way you can spend some time in peace and relax. You can take back control of your time and focus on the things that really matter by learning how to make your phone unreachable.