How to save messages or bookmarks in ms teams

This image shows How to save messages or bookmarks in ms teams

Microsoft Teams is a real-time collaboration and communication messaging app where team members usually chat and share details about the project. Hence, during chat if you want to save someone’s message, then this tech guide on how to save messages or bookmarks in MS teams will help. Using this you will learn how to mark a message as saved in MS teams in just 10 seconds with few clicks or taps.

At some point, saving a message in MS teams is quite important. The message can be anything like project deadline, meeting revised schedule, video conferencing, important document, testing keys, etc. So being a beginner, if you are unaware of how to save messages in MS teams, then follow the gives instructions and mark someone’s message as saved in few seconds.


  • Step 1: Open MS Teams application.
  • Step 2: In left, click on chat or channel posts
  • Step 3: Now select one of team members
  • Step 4: Hover mouse on message and click on 3 dots (…)
  • Step 5: After clicking 3 dots, click on Save this message.

This is how to bookmark a message on MS teams. The same process is also followed to save messages for channel posts and it will hardly take 10 seconds.

To save messages in MS team, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts. Just position the cursor on message and press Ctrl + Shift + S simultaneously. This will save the message in few seconds.


As the messages are saved, how you can retrieve the saved message in MS teams? Well that is also very simple. Here the steps that you can follow:

  • Step 1: Go to profile picture on top of MS teams application
  • Step 2: Click on Saved option.
  • Step 3: Done, your saved message will appear on display.

You can also click into the Starred, Saved, or Favorites sections in the left nav to browse just those saved items. Use the filters in those sections to narrow down searches and access saved messages.

You can also type “/saved ” in the search bar  or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B to review saved messages later.

An Update: If you are unable to find the “Saved Messages” feature in the new Microsoft Teams, it is likely that the feature has been replaced with a new feature called “Bookmarks”. To access your bookmarks, you can click on profile picture at the top right corner of Teams application, and then select “Bookmarks”. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B to access those bookmarks.

Still you are confused? Checkout Scott Brant’s short video on How to save and bookmark Microsoft teams messages and posts in seconds below:

This short video of 30 seconds, gives a clear picture how you can save the messages in MS team by hovering mouse on message and later if required, how you can access those bookmarked messages.

So finally, you may boost your productivity and simplify information access by making good use of  “Saved messages” feature in Microsoft Teams. The saved messages within a chat help you to rapidly review essential facts, ensuring that you stay on top of your work and partnerships in the Teams environment.

That’s what we know so far about the how to save messages or bookmarks in MS teams. If you still have any doubt, please comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to share!