What should we expect from the brand-new version of Microsoft Teams that’s launching in the next month?

Microsoft Teams

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Teams to keep everyone in the office connected. It’s used for everything from quick discussions about a current project to interdepartmental meetings and allows the workforce to stay in touch throughout the day.

If Microsoft Teams is essential to your business, it’s important to stay up to date with any changes or new versions – and with a brand new version of Microsoft Teams launching in the next month, this guide is here to let you know what to expect.

Microsoft Teams

It uses less memory (50% Less)

While Microsoft Teams can be useful when it comes to keeping the office connected, it’s not a secret that it uses a lot of storage space. The new version of Microsoft Teams will use 50% less memory, which is great news for any business with a busy office that uses computers for much more than communications, as you’ll have more storage space for other aspects of the business.

It should improve battery life on laptops

Communicating via Microsoft Teams has the potential to drain the battery life of your laptop. This is fine if there’s a charger available but can pose an issue if you’ve quickly logged onto Teams while away from the office and you’re relying on your laptop’s battery.

If you’re tired of having to check your laptop’s battery percentage every few minutes while using Teams, there is good news: the new version of Microsoft Teams will use less power, as it is designed to put less strain on the laptop’s central processing unit.

This means you’ll be able to use Teams for longer without needing to be near a charger, which is especially helpful if you’re joining or hosting a meeting via Microsoft Teams, or checking Teams while commuting.

Microsoft Teams’ performance will improve

The new version of Microsoft Teams makes a few improvements upon the existing version. One of these is the speed at which Teams operates, which has the potential to be useful when, for example, you’re working to a tight deadline and need to get messages through to people as fast as possible.

It will also improve time efficiency in other areas, such as when giving presentations or during meetings. Workplace productivity can be impeded by slow technology, which means that the new version of Teams could help you to get more done throughout the day. Not only this, but if messages can be exchanged faster, you could see an increase in collaboration and teamwork throughout the business.

On that note, if you’re looking for ways to boost teamwork, Microsoft Teams telephony is the new way of collaboration on Microsoft Teams. It brings together the various forms of communication you use in the office such as phone calls, instant messaging and video calls, which makes all of these easier to access.

This means you can choose the best way to contact someone based on the circumstances, such as a quick phone call for an update on a project, or a video meeting that involves everyone in the office as well as any remote workers, without having to schedule a time when everyone can be in the same place.

In addition to that, a lot of bugs and security issues related to privacy and personal information will also be fixed. You can get the notification update regarding the new version of Microsoft teams on your device.

You can follow the instructions and update Microsoft teams to the latest version and experience the latest features and also share the feedback regarding the new version on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!!