How to Secretly Check iPhone History on Another iPhone


Tracking someone’s mobile phone history is not as easy as it seems, you might need to have your phone for a long time to go through all the activities that they do online or offline. You might not be lucky enough to access someone’s phone for a long time. So, how to secretly check iPhone history on someone else device without being caught?

Well, you don’t need to search anymore, because after reading this article you will get the idea of how to secretly check iPhone history without using their mobile phone. So let’s get started and check everything in detail and later you will know this awesome and working iPhone trick.

Part 1. Best Way to Check Phone History

Many people think that it is difficult to track someone’s mobile phone history without them knowing. However, it is not that difficult if you have the right tool in your hands. There are many parental controlling apps in the market that can be really helpful to view someone’s browsing history remotely. Here is the complete breakdown of one of the most successful parental controlling apps for checking the history on an iPhone.

Check Phone History with Monitoring Tool – KidsGuard Pro for iOS

If you want a reliable and trustworthy tool to watch your kid’s or spouse’s mobile phone history then use KidsGuard Pro to check phone history. Encoded with modern technology, this wonderful app has all the ultra-modern features that you need to perform this job. It is one of the top-rated parental monitoring apps that offer history tracking on Safari with 100% stealth mode, so don’t have to worry about being exposed or caught by the mobile owner.

One of the greatest advantages of using KidsGuard Pro is that you don’t need to have a technical background to operate the app. It takes only less than five minutes to install and set up the app on the target device. Even more, KidsGuard Pro also comes with a setup guide to make the monitoring process easier and more convenient for you.

And that’s not all, KidsGuard Pro also enables you to monitor all the social media accounts, and multimedia files, as well as the real-time location of your target phone. Recently, KidsGuard Pro has been updated with new advanced features such as keyword alarm, recording screen and phone surroundings, to make your tracking experience more useful and lively.

You can check the following history with KidsGuard Pro

Searching history

You can check the browsing history of Safari with detailed information about the URL, date and time.

Location history

Besides tracking the browsing history you can also track the real-time as well as the location history of your target device.

Call history

You can also get a detailed history of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls with information about the date, time and caller ID.

Texting history

You can access messages sent, received, and even deleted on phone and messenger apps.

How to check phone history with KidsGuard Pro

Step 1. Sign up on KidsGuard Pro

To check another mobile phone’s history using the KidsGuard Pro, first, you need to create an account on the ClevGuard site.

Step 2. Download the app on the target device

Download and install the app on the target device. Set up and configure the app using the following guide. Once finished, close the app and leave the target mobile phone.

Step 3. Check another phone’s history without knowing

Now it’s time to check the mobile phone history of your target person. Sign in to your ClevGuard official account, open the KidsGaurd Pro dashboard and check calls, messages and browsing history.

Part 2. Why Recommend Using a Monitoring Tool?

Real-time and steady data syncing

One of the biggest advantages of using the KidsGaurd Pro is its real-time and remote data syncing. As a result, you can get instant updates about the target user’s activities without any delay.

Stealth mode

KidsGuard Pro works in 100% hidden mode. The ultramodern technology automatically hides immediately after the installation and the target device can never detect the app’s presence. Thus, you don’t need to worry about being exposed or caught by the target user.

Recover deleted data

With KidsGuard Pro you can not only monitor the real-time data on the target device but also access the deleted messages, calls, and browsing history of the target iPhone and iPad.

Competitive price

It provides one of the most inexpensive iPhone monitoring solutions as compared to the other tracking apps.

Simple and concise user interface

Since KidsGuard Pro provides a monitoring solution for parents to keep a watch on their kid’s mobile phones, it comes with a simple and concise user interface that doesn’t need any technical background to operate the app. You can easily watch your target device activities from the KidsGuard Pro dashboard without any hassle.


If you need to track someone’s mobile history, safari browser history, there are two ways to check their call log and browsing history: either you personally open their mobile phone and view all the history or you can use a third-party app.

Since there is a great risk of being caught if you check iPhone history physically as it is not ethical and you will be embarrassed if exposed by the target user. So, the safest way to play the game is by using a third-party app such as KidsGuard Pro for iOS. It is one of the most reliable that provides 100% undetectable monitoring.