What is Apple Liquid Retina Display?

Apple Liquid Retina Display in iPhone Xr

Liquid Retina Display is a new type of LCD that Apple launched in iPhone Xr. According to Apple, it is an advanced type of LCD that relies on a higher level of pixels-per-inch to generate a paper-like screen effect where pixels are not visible to the naked eye.  Let’s have a look and check more about this Liquid Retina LCD Display and see how it is different than other normal LCD display?

Apple Liquid Retina Display in iPhone XrApple Liquid Retina Display – What we know So Far

This new liquid Retina Display is currently used by Apple in iPhone Xr to cut the mobile expenses.  The quality of display that is used by Apple in iPhone Xr is unmatchable and unbeatable than the other LCD mobiles.

So as Apple says this liquid retina display is quite better than the other normal LCD packed mobiles, but it not better than the LED mobiles.

Liquid Retina Display vs LCD

Each and every year Apple always works on the technology and tries to provide the better things to customers. So this time, Apple worked on LCD screen and improvised its quality and named it as liquid retina display.

So if talk about this liquid Retina display, then it just an LCD with some betterment or you can consider it a marketing term to lure the customers.

iPhone Xr Liquid Retina Display Features

Apple revealed this display in the iPhone Xr. Here are some of the top features that Apple provided in iPhone Xr. Have a look at iPhone Xr Liquid Retina Display features…

#1. Quality, Resolution, and PPI

The quality of display is better than iPhone 8 Plus LCD panel. This screen packs a total of 1.4 million pixels, with a resolution of 1792 x 828 and 326 ppi display density.

#2. 120Hz Touch Sensing

120Hz touch sensing allows smooth display touching. This feature improves the touch, the response to touch is twice better and faster than that of the iPhone X.

#3. True Tone Technology

This feature of display uses a six-channel light sensor to adjust onscreen white balance and makes colours look and appear more natural on the display.

#4. Haptic Touch

Using haptic Touch feature, users can press the display harder for different types of selection options. It is believed that this feature is better and more useful than 3D Touch.

#5. Advanced Colour Management

Advanced colour management automatically displays your content in wide colour. So everything you look at looks amazing.

#6 Other Features

  • Tap to Wake
  • Wide Colour Gamut
  • Water and Dust Resistant.

So that’s all about the liquid retina display which is an advanced form of LCD found in industry. It is better than other LCD smarthones!!