Should I buy iPhone Xr?

Should I buy iPhone Xr

iPhone Xr is a budget dual SIM phone, packed with A12 Bionic Chip, supports liquid retina display and available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage variants. So now everybody needs an answer, should i buy iPhone Xr from Apple or opt for any other smartphone?

Should I upgrade the existing iPhone device with latest iPhone Xr or stay with the existing? Would it be worth to upgrade the existing iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 to iPhone Xs?

Well, all your questions would be answered here and in the end you will get your answer – should you buy iPhone Xs or not?

Should I buy iPhone XriPhone Xr Highlights : An Overview

iPhone Xr is an expensive budget smartphones of iPhone x series. It is dual SIM phone, was launched by Apple alongside iPhone Xs and Xs Max in 64GB, 256G and 512GB storage variants.

Like Xs and Xs Max, this phone is packed with latest A12 bionic chip which is 15% faster than the previous A11 bionic chip and this chip offers 50% better graphics performance than A11.

Here are some of the iPhone Xr Highlights or Specs / Feature…

  • Dual SIM (Nano + eSIM)
  • Liquid Retina Display.
  • A12 Bionic Chip.
  • FaceID Unlock with betterment.
  • Enhanced Image Signal Processor.
  • Long inbuilt Battery.
  • Latest iOS 12 Operating System.

So these are the some upgraded and enhanced features that you will get with new budget iPhone Xr. Now the question is – should you buy iPhone Xr for your personal use? or some other better options are available in the market?

Should I Buy iPhone Xr from Apple?

Well, the biggest highlights of iPhone Xr are its A12 bionic chip and the dual SIM facility.  In addition to that apple improved the battery life, image and video quality, face ID, and iOS version in the Xr.

iPhone X vs iPhone Xr

So as compared to iPhone X, you will get a lot of improvement except the display and camera. Instead of OLED display, the Apple used the liquid Retina Display in the iPhone Xr which is an advanced form of an LCD and a better screen as compared to other smartphones.

And as far as camera are concerned, the iPhone Xr features 1 single 12MP camera instead of dual camera at rear side and 1 single 7 MP camera at front side.

iPhone Xr vs Xs

In the latest release, the iPhone Xr has a big display as compared to Xs and features a long run battery. Here are 10 reasons why should you buy an iPhone Xr instead of Xs and Xs Max. It is a best budget iPhone!

  1. Affordable: $250 cheaper.
  2. Big display as compared to Xs.
  3. Improved Battery.
  4. 5h to 13.5h of backup.
  5. A12 bionic chip.
  6. 6 Colour Options.
  7. 3 Storage Variants like Xs.
  8. Same 7MP Front Face Camera.
  9. Supports Dual SIM (Nano + eSIM).
  10. Runs on Latest iOS 12.

So overall, if you can go with single camera setup and you don’t care about the screen then this iPhone is best one for you because, it is far far better than the iPhone 7 and 8. So yes you could buy iPhone Xr without any problem.


If still you think the price is too much for these types of specifications and you want to hold a better smartphone with dual rear camera setup, then we would recommend the Samsung’s S9 and S9+ android smartphones.

The S9 and S9+ are the best Android smartphone yet and offer better specs and features. You don’t have to pay much like iPhone Xr.

Final Words

If you just believe in Apple and want to buy an iPhone, then go for the iPhone Xr without any doubt. This is an expensive budget iPhone with some better upgrades and offers dual SIM functionality.

You can buy an iPhone Xr in three storage variants and in 6 colour options from Apple store – offline or online. The 64GB model would be available in $749 only.

While, the 128GB and 256GB variants of iPhone Xr would cost $849 and $899 respectively.

What do you think of iPhone Xr? Please comment your opinions in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it on social sites!