Is Mi Notebook Worth Buying?

Mi Notebook

Mi laptops have been launched in India and now people have been looking to buy one as per their budget. So how’s the new MI notebook 14?  Should you buy or avoid it as your next laptop? Let’s find out!

Well guys, many people were waiting for new MI laptops and finally the wait is over.  Now Xiaomi has release the MI Notebook 14 series laptop with great specs and kept the prices of these notebook series laptops very low as compare to the other brand.

If we compare the prices of mi laptops with other popular brands like Dell, HP, and Lenovo then you will find a huge price difference. It is cleared by the company in an online event that you can easily save 20 to 30%, if you buy MI laptops.

Company has launched the Mi Notebook 14 and Notebook 14 Horizon edition and both are loaded with great specs. These notebooks are packed with Intel’s 10th gen core i5 and core i7 processors, 8GB of RAM and 256GB/512GB SSD storage.  The size of screen would be 14 inch and you will get full HD display.

The notebook 14 series of MI gives a powerful hardware to users but there is a catch. Let’s see what some big cons of these notebook series laptops are and why you should avoid choosing Mi Notebook as your next laptop.

Mi Notebook7 Reasons Not to Buy Mi Notebook

#1.  No Webcam

This is the biggest loop hole of this notebook.  A webcam is too important these days but MI notebooks do not offer inbuilt webcam.  So you can’t do video chat using your MI notebook.

However, company has provided a separate webcam which you can plug-in.  I don’t think so; it would be easy to carry this webcam, because it would be like carry just another accessory.

What if you have urgent meeting and you forgot to carry the webcam? Yes this can happen in this busy life.

So if you do chat a lot and attends too much meeting then avoid this notebook.  Carrying webcam each time would be a burden!

#2. No Backlit Keyboard

Oh! That is another drawback. Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition is a premium series notebook and they didn’t provide the backlit keyboard. That’s totally insane!!

Almost other brands provide the backlit keyboard in this price range, but Xiaomi has decided not to provide it for some reasons.

Backlit keyboard is too important when you use the laptop in low-lit situations. So I don’t think so it would be worth buying for those who mostly work in the dark!

#3. No FingerPrint Scanner

In current era, security is a prime concern. So from the security point of view MI did nothing. They didn’t provide fingerprint scanner on the notebook, even you won’t get it in the top-end variant.

If we compare the top variant with other brand like Lenovo, then yes Lenovo offers biometric verification on its midrange ultrabooks.

#4. Fixed RAM (You can’t upgrade it)

Mi notebooks comes with fixed 8GB RAM, so here if you want to add more RAM then you can’t do it.

If you want to add more RAM then it would be easy and very costly.  Here you may have to replace old card with new one.

#5. Low Storage

MI notebooks only offer 256GB/512GB. This storage is quite low. Even if you download 4 or 5 games, this storage will be filled easily.

So here, just keep in mind that you have to buy an extra storage (1TB HDD) to keep your valuables!

This point I highlighted for those who mostly keep the data like movies, images, games. If you do store this kind of stuff then get ready to buy an extra storage.

#6. No SD card slot

Photographers and video editors won’t like this because MI doesn’t provide the SD card slots in its new notebook series. So if you do care about this slot and you think it can be irritating then don’t buy this notebook for your daily or professionally activities!

#7.  Processor Version

Yes it is true Xiaomi using 10th gen processors in the new MI notebook series but it is not the latest version.

Intel launched 2 variants of 10th Gen processors – 1st with 14nm, and 2nd with 10nm. So MI is using the 14nm core i5 and core i7 processors in the notebooks which is slower than 10nm core i5 and core i7 processors and 14nm processors sucks more battery.

So guys there were some points that I wanted to highlight. If these highlighted points are useless to you or you can compromise then go ahead and buy the best one for you.

You can book Mi Notebook 14 and Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition via Amazon and online.