Home Security Gadgets and Apps That Keep Your Family Safe While You’re Away

Home Security Gadgets and Apps

In this digital era, here we have brought some best home security gadgets and apps that keep your family safe while you are away!

Whether you’ve left your teenagers alone, your dog with a sitter or your home is completely empty, you want to make sure the house and your family is safe. With today’s advanced technology, it has become incredibly easy to check on your home from your workplace, your friend’s house, or any remote location in the world.

From smart security cameras to water flooding sensors, home safety gadgets integrate nicely with your cell phone, giving you quick alerts, no matter where you are.

Now, how exactly can you get that peace of mind when you’re away? Here are 4 home security gadgets that can help.

Home Security Gadgets and AppsHome Security Gadgets and Apps

Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras around your home is the best way to keep track of all inside and outside activities. Find well-reviewed indoor and outdoor security camera systems that let you know who is leaving or entering your home. Depending on the type of camera system you install, a corresponding smartphone application will let you access a live-streaming feed.

An alternative type of camera security system uses infrared motion-detection technology. These cameras do not continuously record footage; they switch on as soon as they detect motion. The system sends an alert to your phone, and you can watch live footage of your home from any remote location.

Monitor Cell Phones

Are you concerned your children will misuse their cell phones while you’re away? Invest in a phone monitoring app that lets you control and check what your kids are doing on their mobile devices. You can restrict activity or keep tabs on their messages, calls, etc. from your own cell phone.

On the other hand, if you’re worried that your significant other is involved in some kind of cheating activity. I recommend you use a phone monitoring application like mspylite and you’ll know if your spouse is engaging in any suspicious or inappropriate activities while you’re away.

Manage Home Appliances

Smart home technology lets you control appliances such as lighting, switches, and even coffee makers when you’re not there. Purchase smart appliances or invest in a home automation system and manage nearly every kind of electrical appliance wherever you are through your phone or tablet. Create schedules for your home appliances and gadgets and even monitor how much energy they are using. If you’re worried about rising energy bills, smart home technology would be ideal to make sure your home stays energy-efficient. Besides, you can also set time limits or restrict access to certain gadgets or appliances when you’re not physically present. Are your kids supposed to be in bed, but they’re watching TV instead? Are they spending too much time watching youtube tv channels when they should be doing homework? Control your smart TV through your phone and set appropriate time limits or parental locks.

Alerts for Fire and Other Dangers

Whether you are simply next door or out of the country, you must account for dangerous events such as fires. With regular smoke alarms, you will only know about a fire if you’re in the house. In case you’re not home, you might not know about the alarm until there has been some serious damage. Smart smoke detectors connect to your phone and send you a notification along with alerting relative emergency services immediately. For added safety, get a device that monitors carbon monoxide as well.

Your home could be susceptible to other dangers such as water overflowing. To handle this, install smart leak detector devices wherever you expect water damage such as under your kitchen sink, in the laundry room, and the bathrooms.

Well guys, regarding the Apps….

Each gadget comes with a relevant app that you can download on your smartphone from the Android Google store and iOS stores.  You can install, setup, and make connections with the gadgets and control every operation on your fingertips.