Minecraft Windows 10 Hacks – Free Tricks & Cheat Mods

Minecraft Windows 10 Hacks

Minecraft Windows 10 Hacks is an active gaming platform that promises gamers an endless universe to discover. Let explore the cheat mods and see what the codes do and how it help during game play!

Minecraft’s story is all about the easy actions of mining operations and the production of new artifacts. And that’s much of the game — in all sincerity. You must wander into the countryside, strike the resources to gather materials, style into an axis, and slowly establish a collection of armors, weaponry, equipment, instrumentation, and valuable materials.

Minecraft started as an ambitious project and has come far from its roots after all these years of modifications and revision to become a part of the largest gaming platforms.

Almost now and then, something new adds up with new people getting involved in the scenario. Newer the generation newer features it gets. With these additions, more complexities have emerged in the Minecraft gaming world.

Gamers will find their way into the complex settings, but newcomers to the gaming world will require hand-in-hand guidance to even begin. Have a look at Minecraft building gadgets here!

Without spending hours on finding hidden details and complex secrets, find aid through these Minecraft Windows 10 Hacks to get a simpler view of the Minecraft world. Let’s dive in see some popular hacks for Minecraft.

Minecraft Windows 10 HacksMinecraft Windows 10 Hacks / Cheat Mods

#1. Hunt with the team of Dogs

It is a smart option to hunt with a bunch of dogs that can help you to chase your target because they are excellent in battle.

Don’t forget to designate them all with names and distinguish them. This can be done by coloring the dogs’ collar.

Only get a colordye and right-click on the dog in Minecraft and you have a personalized dog necklace.

#2. Cure Zombie villagers

You must cure your fellow villagers when they get infected with the zombie virus by activating their trading post.

With a potion, you can inflict a weak status on the zombie, then give it a golden apple, and that’s all; the zombie will be cured.

#3. Expand your movement options by walking on the edge

Especially when generating a building setup, walking off the edge could be helpful. You can do this by holding the crouching button, and not letting the grip loosen.

#4. Defeat the enemy spawners before they fight you

Enemy spawners can be a tough fight unless you defeat them first. Defeating doesn’t always mean killing them, instead, place torches around them and prevent them from spawning.

#5. No coal, get Charcoal

During quite some initial stages you may not find coal but its alternative, charcoal can save you some trouble. Charcoal can be easily available from wood and has almost all the qualities of coal to help you at the start of the game.

#6. Bonemeal is useful

If you want to grow trees for more wood, don’t forget to use bonemeal as it is useful for developing the growth of plants and trees. It is not difficult to find, you can make it from skeletons.

#7. Water buckets can save your life

Carrying water buckets everywhere can be pretty useful, it can save your life and can be your savior in the process of mining; also, lava bursts can be cooled down with water.

#8. Getting a pumpkin head

If you want to attack and want not to be attacked back, wear a pumpkin head; it can make you a great opponent. Eye-contact is prevented at the Endermen won’t attack you.

#9. Mark  lava spots

Lava can make an effective source of fuel so if you spot any lava around, mark it for later use. Gather some buckets and make a stock of lava; it can also help to generate a rare block called obsidian.

#10. Create an illusion by stacking signs

You can create a map or instruction panel by stacking signs on each other, thereby creating a detailed setup for an adventure; suitable for writing long messages or codes.

Minecraft is so expanded that no list of hacks and tricks can cover all the possible Minecraft hacks. It depends on the creativity of the gamer.

 Gamers may have to explore more to discover more on the Minecraft platform. If you are using the mobile device version you must look for Minecraft Bedrock hacks.