Windows 10 HotKeys – Shortcuts Cheat Sheet [Download PDF]

Windows 10 HotKeys

Windows 10 HotKeys and keyboard shortcuts are best to do work quickly and easily MS OS. Using these keys cheat codes you can save a lot of time & effort and you don’t have to search for some things in application. This makes the work process very simple and lag free.

Windows 10 has taken over the computer world and it has since then seen a great acceptance worldwide. The users have been given plenty of time to figure out the working of the new windows system.

Luckily, many operators have made their way into learning the system, however, some groups of users are not yet able to cope with the operating on Windows 10 as their expertise is limited to the basic stage.

To make the most out of Windows 10, one must know how to execute perfect commands and navigating the computer software effectively. Computer usage can be made easier and quicker with the knowledge of Keyboard shortcut keys.

Here is entailed a compilation of the most useful Windows 10 HotKeys that can save you from the trouble of undergoing lengthy procedures.

From commanding to open Cortana, and virtually operating desktop, to locking the screen and cycling through notifications, enlisted here are some of the shutdown shortcut keys, screenshot HotKeys windows 10 and snipping tool HotKeys windows 10 that can ease up the work process.

Windows 10 HotKeysWindows 10 HotKeys  – Compilation of interesting Shortcut Keys and your Personal Cheat Sheet

  • Windows+A: Opens Action center
  • Windows+B: Highlighting the notification bar
  • Windows+C: Command Cortana to listen
  • Windows+D: Switching between desktop and previous page
  • Windows+E: Switching between Desktop and File explorer launching page; Displaying Quick access tab
  • Windows+H: Commands share charm to open
  • Windows+I: Commands settings to open
  • Windows+K: Commands to open Connect panel to join wireless displays and network
  • Windows+L: Command to lock the device and returning to lockscreen
  • Windows+M: Command to switch to the desktop and minimize all open windows
  • Windows+O: Command to lock device orientation
  • Windows+R: Command to display Run dialogue box
  • Windows+S: Command to launch Cortana to ask queries
  • Windows+T: Command to cycle through applications on the taskbar
  • Windows+U: Command to launch Ease of Access Center
  • Windows+V: Command to surf through notifications
  • Windows+X: Command to open advanced menu
  • Windows+Z: Command to open Application-specific command bar
  • Windows+ENTER: Command to launch the narrator
  • Windows+TAB: Command to open task view
  • Windows+(,): Command to peek in the desktop
  • Windows+(+): Command to zoom out
  • Windows+(-): Command to zoom out
  • Windows+ESCAPE: Commands to close the magnifier
  • Windows+left arrow: Commands to dock the active tab to the left half of the screen
  • Windows+right arrow: Commands to dock the active tab to the right half of the screen
  • Windows+Up side arrow: Commands to maximize the active tab
  • Windows+Down side arrow: Commands to restore or minimize the active tab
  • Windows+Shift+Right arrow: Commands to move the active tab to the right when multiple windows are open
  • Windows+Shift+Left arrow: Commands to move the active tab to the left when multiple windows are open
  • Windows+Home: Commands to minimize non-active tabs
  • Windows+PrtSc: Commands to capture screenshot and save it to the screenshots folder in the Picture folder of the main Computer storage. [Computer>Pictures>Screenshots]
  • Windows+Ctrl+Left/Right arrow: Command to switch to next or previous virtual desktop
  • Windows+Ctrl+D: Command to create a new virtual desktop
  • Windows+Ctrl+F4: Command to close a current virtual desktop
  • Windows+(?): Commands to Launch Feedback Application
  • Ctrl+A: Command to select all items
  • Ctrl+C: Command to copy
  • Ctrl+V: Command to paste
  • Ctrl+S: Command to save
  • Ctrl+X: Command to cut items
  • Ctrl+Z: Command to undo an action
  • Ctrl+Y: Command to redo an action
  • Ctrl+Shift+N: Command to create a new folder
  • Ctrl+D: Command to delete and send to recycle bin
  • Alt+F4: Command to switch off or shutdown desktop (Works as main Windows 10 shortcut key for shutdown)
  • Alt+Tab: Command to switch between tabs
  • Shift+Delete: Command to delete items permanently
  • PrtSc: Command to take a screenshot and copy it to clipboard
  • F2: Command to Rename
  • F3: Command to search for the folder
  • F4: Command to display the address bar
  • F5: Command to refresh
  • F10: Command to activate menu bar in the active application

With this cool Windows 10 shortcut keys list, we have now armed you for completing your projects even earlier and with the assured efficiency that must be expected from you.

Download the PDF file of Windows 10 hotkeys and all shortcuts. Thanks to Microsoft support and Team for this awesome list of Windows shortcuts!

If you work the computer efficiently with the right commands, it can never let you down. So win the battle against lengthy assignments and time-consuming projects through the best use of these hotkeys.