Mobile Sport Betting on the Rise

Mobile Sport Betting

Mobile sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling. Many sportsbooks including Betway offer a variety of betting markets. But, some countries such as Saudi Arabia prohibit sports betting.

The United States Supreme Court rescinded the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, in May 2018. It lifted the ban on sports betting thus allowing individual states to make their sports gambling regulations.

The following are the 5 key factors that have contributed to the growth of mobile sports betting worldwide!

Mobile Sport Betting5 Factors Why Mobile Sport Betting on the Rise?

#1. Privacy

Most online pundits are concerned about the safety of their data and money. Online betting is available in many urban areas. You can visit any online bookie using wireless connections. Some people like placing bets in quiet places with few people. So, mobile sports betting offers them privacy and allows them to bet at home without disclosing their stakes or winnings to other people.

I have read the privacy policy of gclub before starting any betting and it is quite good for a visitor. So if you feel the privacy policies against your will then it is better to avoid it and look for other sites.

#2. Diverse Payment Options

Several decades ago, punters had to visit land-based casinos to wager. Modern technology has enabled betting firms to develop a variety of payment systems that allow gamblers to transact using credit cards, through PayPal, e-wallets, Skrill, bank transfer, and mobile money services.

Many betting companies in Africa have partnered with the leading mobile services providers like Airtel, Orange, and Safaricom to create mobile payment services such as Airtel Money, Orange Money, and M-Pesa. They eliminate the need of going to betting shops to deposit or withdraw money.

Sportsbooks in South Africa provide pundits who take part in mobile sports betting in SA with different banking options. Most South African gamblers like using efficient and fast payment methods.

Betting companies that feature on Gambling Africa use sophisticated encryption processes and software that facilitate fast transactions. Credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are the most popular online payment methods in South Africa.

#3. Convenience

The rise of mobile sports betting started in 2000. The industry has undergone many technological revolutions that eliminate the need of going to brick-and-mortar casinos to bet. You can bet on sports events at any time of the day or year. Many betting firms have signed sponsorship deals with different clubs. This has made some ardent fans express their loyalty to their favorite teams through betting.

#4. Incentives and Promotions

The gambling industry has high competition. Online betting operators run easy to use websites that save them money that they could have spent in managing brick-and-mortar betting shops. This allows them to provide frequent incentives and promotions to new and existing customers. Some bookmakers provide deposit bonuses when you make your first deposit. You can use these bonuses to place bets.

#5. Diverse Betting Markets

Land-based casinos have a limited number of betting options. But, mobile sports gambling has a broad selection of markets as betting firms cover different sports and leagues from all over the world. Some of them provide gamblers with betting tips, thus increasing their chances of winning.

Online sports betting firms like Betway innovate new features that make mobile sports betting more enjoyable to pundits. You can access them on your phone from anywhere.

New technologies like 5G make mobile gambling accessible to people from different countries. Besides, bookies provide gamblers with a wide variety of payment methods which allow them to make timely deposits and withdrawals.