How to Reset Android Phone When Locked

How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Without Using Computer

PIN or Pattern lock is an ultimate feature to protect a smartphone data. But what if you forget them. In that case you will probably ask a question how to reset android phone when locked. How can I factory reset my device (tablet or cell phone) without at home without using computer?

So guys, here we are to provide a solution to this problem. We have built this step-by –step guide. Read it carefully and reset android phone in just few minutes!

How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Without Using ComputerHow to Reset Android Phone When Locked Out (Without Using Computer)?

Well guys, if you don’t remember your cell phone PIN / Pattern or someone has changed it in your absence then in that case you have to reset it.

This type of reset is called hard reset.

Earlier we had discussed about the factory data reset on Android phone. In that topic, we discussed 2 methods to reset the device.

  1. One Using the Phone Settings. And,
  2. Second Using the Volume + Power Buttons.

The first method we mostly prefer if we know the PIN / Pattern or the device is unlocked (no security).

But the second method we prefer only in case if we forgot the PIN / Pattern or we don’t know how to unlock the device.

So if you are one of them who don’t know the PIN / Pattern to unlock the android device, then hard reset is the only option you can prefer.

So how can you actually reset android phone when locked?

Here are some steps that you have to follow to reset device without spending money or visiting customer care center.

Step 1:  First Power OFF the Phone.

Step 2: Now Press the Volume + Power Button Combinations. These Combinations are Different in Different Devices. So you have to try the following combinations as per your handset.

Try These Combinations:

  • Volume Down + Power Button (Most Common).
  • Volume Up + Power Button.
  • Volume Down + Home + Power Button.
  • Volume Up + Home + Power Button.

After pressing these key combinations simultaneously – An Android Recovery Mode will be enabled and you can see some option on the screen.

Step 3: Use Volume Rockers Up & Down to Highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset Option.

Step 4:  Now Use Power Button to Select Factory Reset Option.

Step 5: Highlight and Select Yes to Confirm the Phone Reset.

Step 6: Your Device will Reboot and Everything will be Erased.

Step 7: After Reset, Press the Power Button to Start the Phone.

So readers this is how to reset android phone when locked out.

If you have also accidently put a lock on your phone using computer or whatever the reason, then follow the above mentioned steps to reset the device.

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