What is S Bike Mode and How it Works?

S Bike Mode

Do you receive unwanted calls from the service providers or from unknown numbers during riding a bike? If yes, then you will love this technology.  Recently, Samsung has launched a new technology in their new J-series smartphones to make your biking experience good with any interruption called S Bike mode.  This technology is like a shield for the bike riders who don’t want to attend the unwanted calls during riding. Some unwanted calls follow you everywhere, so if you don’t want to attend them during riding a bike then the new S bike technology can make your ride tension free. So how S Bike mode works and what kind of technology it is? READ BELOW:

S Bike ModeWhat is S Bike Mode?

S bike mode allows 2-wheeler riders to just focus on the road and not get disturbed by the unwanted calls. When a caller calls a person, then a pre-recorded voice message is played – “whom you are trying to call is currently riding a bike”. However, if the call is urgent, the caller can press 1 on the dial pad and the phone would ring up to notify about the urgent call. So at that moment, the user can halt and attend the urgent call.

How Can You Activate the S Bike Mode?

This feature can be activated easily by the phone (Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) or by tapping on the S Bike mode sticker. When a person is ready to ride a bike, then the user just needs to tap the NFC tag/sticker to put the smartphone into S bike mode. Alternatively, the mode can also be activated directly via the phone’s interface. When done traveling, a gentle tap on the NFC tag again would take the phone out of S-bike mode.

How S Bike Mode Works?

The working of this technology is very simple. You can easily activate or deactivate the Bike mode before and after riding a bike, respectively. So let’s see how the S Bike mode works?


  • Activate the S Bike Mode by tapping on Sticker or via phone’s quick panel.
  • When the Bike Mode activates, User Side job has been done.


  • Suppose a caller calls you.
  • The S Bike mode of user’s phone will send a pre-recorded message that the user is riding and cannot take calls.
  • Now if a call is urgent then the caller may press 1 to call you.
  • After this, the particular user phone will ring and he/she can attend it. (Stop The Bike And Take The Call)
  • If a caller is a machine (computer machine) or you can say that call is done by service providers for promotions then nobody will press 1 and hence the ride will remain uninterrupted.

S Bike Mode Come with Extra Safety – Motion Lock

The motion lock improves the safety. If you are in motion, means riding a bike, then you can’t take a call. If you want to attend the call then you have to stop your vehicle first.  The Motion Lock feature ensures that you take the call only after you have stopped your bike safely.

So, the S-Bike mode is a dedicated feature for two-wheeler riders that is designed to enable responsible and tension free riding. I hope, you will have got an idea about S Bike mode – a new technology. Don’t forget to share it.