Software Tools Every University Student Needs

Software Tools Every University Student Needs

A computer is among the most essential devices for college students. Students use it daily for everything from writing emails to writing assignments. However, you need to ensure your computer is optimized and ready for your college experience. Getting your computer ready means installing all the relevant applications that will help you study and organize your school. You should create a list of some of the software tools you need, from organizational to writing tools.

Here’re essential tools you will need to make your learning experience smoother throughout your college journey. You can access all of them online by website link on your mobile, PC, laptop, tablet or iPad. Have a look at them below:

Google Drive

Google Drive can be classified as an organizational tool since it plays a crucial role in document storage, backup access, and sharing. Google Drive promotes collaborative learning, seeing as students and teachers can access and work on a specific document at the same time.

Therefore, one can receive real-time feedback from their teacher or colleagues and make the necessary corrections instantly. Google Drive is particularly essential when handling joint assignments that require them to work in a group.

The application makes it easy for users to share files by sending a direct link or sharing via email. This feature comes in handy when you want to share class notes. The version history feature in Google Drive helps you keep track of your revision materials, making it possible to review and revert previous document versions if needed. The automatic backup feature means you will not permanently lose important documents if you delete them by mistake.

When you unintentionally delete an essay that you were supposed to turn in and the deadline is near, you might not be able to redo it or will have to look for someone to pay to write essay. You can avoid such cases when you use Google Drive – you can easily retrieve your work.

Microsoft Office Suite

All students need a Microsoft Office suite or Office 365 for daily school tasks, from writing to presentations. You will need Microsoft Office Word for document creation, PowerPoint for your slide presentation, and Microsoft Excel for data analysis. Overall, you will need Microsoft Suite tools to create, collaborate, communicate, and organize your work effectively. You can even try Microsoft 365 alternatives like LibreOffice, Google workplace, Zoho office suite to increase productivity.


Evernote is a must-have tool for a college student as it provides brilliant organizational functions. The application enables you to make notes in various forms, from writing to audio. Besides, it can be synchronized across different devices. By syncing, you can access your notes anywhere, even when you don’t have your computer with you. This feature also offers convenience if you like changing devices or studying on the move.

Additionally, you can work as a team with some of your colleagues who would want to access your notes and work on similar tasks. The app also offers numerous productivity tools, including a to-do list, reminders, and task management features, which help to set and keep a clear timetable.


You should include Grammarly in your writing toolkit if you want to produce perfect college papers that earn the highest marks, like the ones written by the academic writers mentioned in PayForEssay review.

This app lets you improve the coherence in your writing. It eliminates mistakes and gives a lot of practical suggestions for refining your sentence structures. Grammarly will help you if you find proofreading challenging. It will save you the time and energy that you could have used to manually proofread.

Moreover, this proofreader comes with a plagiarism checker function that will help you check your assignment for originality and proper citation. Remember, academic papers should be written in a uniform style. With the help of Grammarly, you can reach this goal by discovering and fixing all irregularities in spacing, punctuation, and spelling.

PDF Reader

best software tools that every university student should use

Most of the books and reading materials you will use in college are mostly soft copy, hence the need for PDF readers. The majority of lecturers give notes and other class readings in PDF format; therefore, you are supposed to have the necessary tools to open these files.

You will also need a PDF reader for document annotation and markup. The application has an annotation tool whereby a user can highlight some important paragraphs and statements of a document to be referred to later. This feature of annotation is more helpful while studying or working on a group project, as it allows you to interact with the content and properly organize your works.

Many times, you will need to present and share documents. A PDF reader can help display slideshows or research findings. In a nutshell, it is a must-have reading tool as it helps you to open, read, and interact with documents efficiently.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

If your studies involve remote learning, you’ll have to attend and access learning materials online. It means that you should have access to digital learning platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom. VLEs are ideal for collaborative learning and communication as they have messaging features, group workspaces, or discussion forums. Through these features, you are able to communicate with your professors and fellow students, pool ideas, and ask questions, which promotes a form of communal learning.

VLEs are convenient, especially if you have tight schedules that may not allow you to attend all classes since you will be able to access recorded classes and other learning resources at any time. Thus, you will not lose a lot if you are late for class or miss a session.


Since we are in the new phase of the digital world, the use of AI-based tools is essential. AI-based tools like ChatGPT are all-in-one, feature-packed products that can do hours of work in just a few seconds. This tool is like a personal assistant that solves any complex problem in seconds. This tool is a boon for students, scholars, teachers and researchers which they can use online for free from any type of device.

Here how a university student can get benefit from the Chatgpt app:

  1. ChatGPT can help with research and topic study. It can provide detailed information on any topic and help the student understand the main points and important facts. It can also create short notes and summaries which makes studying easier.
  2. This tool can be helpful in coding and programming practice. It can help in understanding and debugging code, as well as writing new code. It is a valuable aid for computer science students.
  3. It also assists in writing and editing. Students can get feedback and suggestions from ChatGPT on their assignments, research papers, reports etc. This will help in making writing clear and effective.
  4. Additionally, it can also help in the subjects of mathematics, statistics and analysis. This will help students to understand and solve problems.
  5. Finally, ChatGPT can also be useful for students who have learning difficulties. It can simplify even complex topics by explaining any topic in different ways.

So, ChatGPT AI can be a powerful and versatile assistant for university students, helping to improve their entire educational experience. However, it is a tool and should be used carefully so that students can take full advantage of their learning potential.

Summing Up

As your academic journey proceeds, you will need to ensure that you have the relevant tools that will make your study time and research process more effective. Create a list of some of the essential software tools that you need to optimize your learning process and install them on your Windows or Mac computer.

Some of these must-have tools for university students can be synced with your phone or tablet so that you can access them from anywhere and at any time with internet.

Additionally some time management tools such as Evernote, Calendar, Clockify, Trello, and Todolist will help you get into a routine since it allows you to create a suitable schedule that covers both your school and personal time. This way you can boost the productivity and and earn top grades.