Sora AI (Text to Video AI): Create Realistic and Imaginative Scenes from Text in 60 Seconds!

Sora Ai - Open AI sora text to video AI created this stunning video - An image

The whole world has entered a new phase where artificial intelligence is dominant everywhere. This is the time when AI based tools do the work of hours in minutes and a new tool called Sora AI is all set to create realistic, stunning and imaginative videos from text in few seconds. This is the tool that will create a video based on the text or given prompt which the animator or video maker creates in days or months.

A short animated video that would have taken days or months of effort can now be created in a matter of seconds with the new Sora AI tool. So what exactly the SORA AI, what it does? And why is it in the news? Let’s discuss about this video generator AI in detail below!

What is Sora AI?

Sora AI is a text to video AI tool that can make an animated or live-action video as per the given text in few seconds. This tool is developed by Open AI who also developed the chat gpt in November 2021 and later launched Dalle-E.

So as you enter a prompt (some instructions to AI) in Chat GPT, and the Chat GPT starts writing articles, research papers, PPT content, essays, blog posts and gives the final output in a few seconds. The Open AI Sora does the same thing and able to create animated and live-actions video based on the given prompt in few seconds.

What Sora AI can do?

Sora AI can do a lot of jobs and it is boon for the producers who spend a lot on films each and every year. Now film makers and production houses will not have to wait for long. With the help of Sora AI, some parts like animated work or VFX related post production work can be done in a lab in just a few hours. And as per the verge report, Open AI already started pitching Sora to Hollywood and a few A-list directors and actors have already been given access.

Next, those who don’t know how to animate the characters in video or how to make the stunning graphics, the Sora can do it for in few minutes. And this way, people who can imagine, can create own videos without buying high-tech equipment like camera, video-camera, lenses, tripod, dolly, slider, etc.

YouTubers can create their own highly detailed scenes as per their imagination and add it to their live-action videos. This way a YouTuber has no need to depend on free stock image or video websites. He will now be able to create his imaginative high quality video in seconds with his copyright tag.

Here’s a video that can help you understand what Open AI Sora can do. It is a preview video uploaded by Open Ai on Youtube and Before these previews, Sora’s availability (its access) was limited to “red team” testers, who were searching for misinformation and bias, as well as critical errors and risks.

Why Sora AI in News?

The reason why Sora AI is in the news is because of its out-of-the-box work. This is a great tool that can create great text-based videos with vibrant emotion in just a few seconds or minutes. So the creators who are in the film industry are afraid of losing their jobs!

This is a matter of concern because many film writers, content writers, and book writers lost their jobs when ChatGPT was launched. Now this will badly affect those creative people who work hard day and night to make a small virtual thing (fake building, cgi animal, fire effect) in the film. It seems, Sora’s release could jumpstart the layoff trend to next level!

Sora AI Future

Sora AI not yet available to the public, the Open AI has just released the preview video to give an idea that what AI can do now. They showed the real power to public and it is confirmed that soon this smart text to video AI tool by Open AI named Sora will be launched for public in next few months.

With this announcement, the company has also cleared one thing that they are currently training Sora to understand and simulate the physical world in motion. When this happens, even beginners can create stunning and cinematic-style videos without spending a penny!

Sora AI Limitations

In addition to that, Sora AI currently has few limitations.  If you look carefully at the videos generated by Sora AI, you will notice that some of them is not perfect and they are packed with dozens of errors like:

  1. It can only create one minute long videos i.e. up to 60 seconds!
  2. It may not understand the results of actions, such as a slice of cake staying unchanged after taking a piece.
  3. It gets confused with details – Having difficulty tracking specific camera moves.
  4. It can’t maintain storyline across a longer video.

Although there are some limitations when Sora creates videos, these will go away over time as more data is fed into it and it will improve itself in the future. Might be the video length also improved (in paid version) from 60 seconds to 10-15 minutes!

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