7 Things You Should Do To Speed Up Android Smartphone

how to speed up android phone in just few minutes

Why is my phone so slow? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, then you are at right. Here I tell you 7 tips that will make your smartphone performance better than ever. So, how to make your phone faster? What should you do to speed up Android phone? Learn the 7 best things to speed up your android smartphone below:

Speed Up AndroidSpeed Up Android Smartphone in Just 5 Minutes!

Android phones get slow after some time. If you have an android handset then you may understand what this issue is and how much it disturbs?

So if you want to boost the phone’s speed then start following the given tips and apply them on the daily basis.

#Tip 1 – Clear The Cached Data

Cache memory has many pros and cons. If you want to make your phone performance better, then it is necessary to clear the cached data.  Click here and see how you can clear cached data.

#Tip 2 – Close Background Apps

Background apps consume a lot of resources like processor power, RAM etc. So, these kind of hidden apps make your phone’s speed slow or sometimes freeze the phone (hang problem occurs).

So to avoid this creepy thing, you have to make a habit and close all the background apps time to time (Press Home Button > Clear All).

#Tip 3 – Delete Unwanted Data and Apps

Unwanted apps or data just eat the phone internal resources. So it is better to delete them. Find out all the unwanted data or apps and delete them to make more space or to provide resources.

#Tip 4 – Keep More Data in External Memory

It is a proved thing that you should never keep more data in the phone’s internal memory. More free space in the internal memory means better performance and smoother experience. So, keep the phone’s memory as much free as you can and try to load more things in the external storage.

Set SD card as default storage: Settings > Storage > Tap on SD Card to Set It Default.

#Tip 5 – Keep Your Phone Up To Date

Upgradation of a phone is necessary because new update comes with some new features and enhancements. So whenever you get an update then just upgrade your phone. The new update (update of an OS or an App) saves number of resources and enhances the phone’s performance.

To check your phone has latest the version, go to settings > About Phone > System Update.

#Tip 6 – Avoid Live Animations/Wallpapers

Live animations or wallpapers eat too much memory and processor power. These live things not only slow down the phone’s speed and but also affect the battery life.

So, if you really want to speed up Android phone and make the performance better, then just dump them.

#Tip 7 – Restart Your Phone

If all else fails then just restart the phone.  It is a quick and very simple method and this method will automatically clear the cached data and close the background apps.

Just hold down the power button, select the Restart option, and then tap OK to confirm.

So guys, these were the some tips that can make your smartphone faster. If you have any other tip/s related to Speed Up Android Smartphone, then don’t shy (mail us or comments us), and don’t forget to share it!