Permission to run ss3svc32 Keeps Popping up on Startup

ss3svc32 keeps popping up on startup

Whenever you try to run sonic suite 3 or radar 3 the ss3svc32 asks to allow permissions and this thing keeps popping up. Sometime it appears when you start your laptop.  It mostly happens in ASUS ROG computers.

When we click on NO then to disappears but on the next start up it appears back and asks for permission. So this is temporary solution which irritates a lot!

So how ss3svc32 issue can be fixed easily without compromising?

Well, we will share some tips which give you an idea how to resolve ss3svc32.exe permission issue which appears again and again.

ss3svc32 keeps popping up on startup

ss3svc32 Permission issue – Resolved

I have searched a lot of sites like reddit, to get a verified answer and here are some valid solutions that you can try to fix ss3svc32.exe on startup very easily and quickly.

Before to continue, I want to highlight that ss3svc32.exe is not a virus. It is a part of sonic studio 3 (a software product ) which developed by ASUS ROG.

#1. Disable it from Running on Start Up

SS3SVC32.exe is just Sonic Studio 3 thing which is an audio software that comes built in to certain computers. It comes packed with motherboards and you can find this in Asus’s computers.

So to fix it, all you need to do is go into task manager and go to the startup tab, scroll down until you find Sonic Studio 3 and just disable it from running on start up.

#2. Update the Audio Drivers

The issue is due to outdated audio drivers. So it is better to get latest and updated audio drivers which can download easily from manufacturer website.

If you are unable to get the latest drivers, then better to connect with the manufacturers and request for the updated Audio drivers. For this you have to go to the manufacturer of the motherboard.

Now after download, install these drivers and hopefully this issue will be fixed.

So guys these maybe the best solutions that can fix the ss3svc32.exe popping up problem instead of trying to find some wacky work around.