What is a mobile PBX and why does it matter?

mobile PBX

With each passing day, technology is shaping how organizations are run. And in recent times, it has been more than just technology. Business operations have shifted from the office, and more people than ever are working remotely. This has brought various advantages to the employee, but businesses are facing new challenges such as reliance on mobile voice, which can be expensive.

And while conferencing platforms have had a boom in popularity, it is cloud and mobile PBX solutions such as Soluno.se that make more business sense. These services can extend office communication capabilities to mobile devices, thanks to being cloud-based.

mobile PBX

Cloud PBX Overview

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it is a private telephone network used within a company or business. These systems offer free internal communication and make it cheaper to communicate with the external world by using different communication channels such as Voice over IP (VoIP), ISDN, or analog.

Traditionally, PBX systems have been implemented through on-premises systems belonging to the business. This means that the company must have the appropriate space and infrastructure, including servers, networks, devices, and so on. Otherwise, they mustfactor this into their budget. And on top of that, they need to have the staff to do the installation and maintenance.

Cloud PBX services eliminate the need for on-premises systems and maintenance by providing PBX as a service. In the cloud based PBXWindows Cloud PC can host the entire system. This means that all services and data are hosted on the cloud. The client does not need to worry about the equipment, maintenance, and upgrades.

So what is a mobile PBX system?

A mobile phone PBX system is simply a business phone system that allows office PBX capabilities to be carried out via a mobile phone. This is usually achieved by installing a Cloud PBX service provider app on the mobile phone. Depending on the provider, these apps are usually available on both iOS and Android.

Apart from apps, you can also access cloud PBX services via your computer. To do this, all you need is to install your provider’s Softphone. This is software that has the same functions as a telephone, and it provides almost all PBX capabilities on a simple user interface. Softphones are available for both Mac OS and Windows computers, and some PBX providers also offer an MSI file for system administrators.

What are the capabilities of Mobile PBX?

The capabilities of your PBX mobile app ultimately depend on the service provider. Most of these providers allow you to get your entire PBX system on your phone. This means that apart from just receiving and making calls, you can also manage PBX service.

However, depending on your office network setup as well as your PBX administrative settings, your mobile work may not work once you disconnect from your office network. In such a case, your calls will automatically go to voicemail. To allow PBX access at home, you will need to enable the capability and/or use a VPN to connect to the office network.

Why mobile PBX is a necessity

With WFH becoming a common practice, communication with clients can be easily affected. Taking advantage of mobile PBX allows businesses to be versatile and have an easy means of communication between employers, employees, and clients.

This way, businesses can operate efficiently while at the same time cutting mobile costs. This is on top of the advantages of using a cloud-based VoIP system, such as flexibility and scalability.