How to Update Android Operating System in Smartphones & Tablets?

How to Update Android Operating System in Smartphones & Tablets for free

Do you want to update android operating system in smartphones and tablets? Do you want to enhance the speed or performance of the device? If yes, then in this tech guide we will guide you, how can you get the latest version and speed up the phone’s performance?

An update comes with some betterment and gives more comfortability than the older version. If we talk about smartphones or tablets, then you can see a lot of notifications about the updates of different apps on daily basis.

If an app gets upgraded by an organization, then your smart device will get a notification and will tell you that an update for that app is available.

By allowing the updates, your device starts the updating of an app and shows some good result than the older version.

This updating process also works on your smartphone’s operating system. So never miss any chance to update your smart device.

How to Update Android Operating System in Smartphones & Tablets for freeHow to Update Your Android Phone or Tablet?


If a company like – Google upgrades android operating system, then it notifies all users by a message (“A new update for OS is available”), which you can see in the notification area (mostly on top).

So if you want to update your smartphone’s operating system to next level then just tap on that notification message to update android operating system for free.

If you deny or ignore the automatic notification update message and later you want to update android version, then you can also update the phone’s OS by following some steps or in the manual way:


Here is another method to update android device to latest version:

  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Tap on About Phone.
  3. Tap on System /Software Updates.
  4. Wait for Some Time…
    • If a New Update is Available then Tap on Update.
    • Else Your System has the Latest Version.
  5. Done…!

Point to Remember:

  1. Just because a newer version of Android exists it doesn’t mean it will be available for your device. If your device supports then you can update it… else SORRY.
  2. You must have good internet speed. Always prefer Wi-Fi.
  3. The updating process will take some time. So be patient.

So in this way, you can update Android on your smartphone or tablet and enhance the speed performance of your device.