8 Best VR Games Without Controller that You can Play in 2022

VR Games Without Controller

The best VR Games Without Controller have been listed here. You can enjoy these video games and experience the reality in real time. Let’s be real, for immersive VR gaming and feel the real-life adventure.

Well guys, you need additional hardware like a controller or an expensive headset similar to Oculus. However, with the introduction of Google Cardboard and Daydream, it has become easier to play VR games using the headset itself. While the gameplay is not as interactive as you would want, it surely gives a thrilling sensation which makes every moment adventurous.

So, in this gaming guide, we are going to show the list of best 8 best VR games that you can play without a controller either using Google Cardboard or any other inexpensive headset. So have a look at those games below.

VR Games Without Controller

Top 8 VR Games Without Controller

Here, we have mentioned 8 VR games that don’t require a gaming controller and can be played using Android or iOS devices. All you need is a Google Cardboard compatible headset, preferably with a trigger button. Also, most of the mentioned games are inexpensive so no need to worry about the pricing. With that said, here are the best VR games that don’t need a motion controller.

#1. VR Roller Coaster

VR Roller Coaster is one of the great VR video games to play with out a controller and it’s to be had on each Android and iOS. You simply want Google Cardboard aid or Daydream in your tool and you’re good to move. The game offers you a actual-lifestyles feeling of using a curler coaster and albeit it’s awesome.

There also are many situations like velocity sluggish down, inversions and steep slopes which may be managed via way of means of the headset. And that isn’t all, the simulation is near-best with extra than 60 railroad tune from entertainment parks which offers an eerily actual-lifestyles sensation. So simply download this VR game and you’re prepared to revel in it without a controller.

#2. VR X-Racer

If you adore racing then VR X-Racer is a number of the great VR video games you may play with simply your headset. It has lovely three-D photos which makes the gameplay a hell lot like actual-lifestyles and makes for an excessive racing adventure. This game helps movement sensing so that you can simply flow your headset to navigate and whiz thru the racing tune.

And the great element is that except different riders, there are multiple limitations in your manner which you need to face at the same time as using at a fast velocity. All in all, VR X-Racer is pretty accurate and is derived with exquisite three-D visible results. You have to now no longer omit this game at any cost.

#3. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of the maximum famous VR video games which does now no longer require a gaming controller. It’s a 3-dimensional game in which you need to take a adventure thru glass systems which regularly damage and create limitations alongside your manner. In all of this, you may should destroy the glass items in your course with excessive accuracy in order that it does now no longer fall again on you.

The systems are pretty futuristic and the audio impact makes the entire revel in even extra otherworldly. The game has 50 glass rooms with more than one forms of picture rendition so that you can pick whichever one you locate maximum fascinating. To sum up, you have to sincerely play Smash Hit and revel in a futuristic international fabricated from glass items.

#4. End Space

If you operate an iPhone, End Space is the VR game you have to now no longer omit at all. The game is excessive on visible results and has exquisite three-D photos to make you sense like you’re in a area station. The subject of the sport is to defend your area deliver from the galactic enemies.

The game helps you to shoot at your warring parties with a cause button at the headset. And in case, your headset does now no longer have it then you may allow the gaze capturing function from the headset settings panel. The struggle is quite immersive and deep area struggle makes for a pleasing game. So, cross beforehand and play End Space VR game without a controller in your iPhone and revel in VR gaming at its great.

#5. Snow Strike VR

Snow Strike VR is pretty an exciting VR game that you may play with out a controller. It’s now no longer the great in phrases of remarkable visible results, however, the mechanics are amazing with this game. Also, in case you love gambling Minecraft, that is closest you may have in VR. The subject of the sport revolves across the snow citadelress in which you need to shield it from rogue enemies.

You should throw snowballs at evil snowmen out of your ice tower the usage of your headset and it really works pretty accurate. Also, you may should steer clear of snowballs thrown via way of means of the enemy via way of means of shifting your headset. As I said, in case you need to play a VR game with out a controller, Snow Strike VR is a a laugh game.

#6. Trooper 2

VR Trooper 2 is a fairly new VR game however has garnered plenty of fine evaluations from the audience. The game is simplest to be had on Android gadgets with Google Cardboard aid and does now no longer require a controller. However, you want to have a magnetic cause in your Google Cardboard headset to play this game. As for the sport, it’s pretty excessive and follows a linear course of 1 opponent at a time. For certain, you get a 360-diploma view of the sport and that works without a doubt exquisite.

However, the great element is its instinctive focus function that offers a actual sensation with three-D sound impact. You will sense like you’re in a actual struggle region and preventing off the enemies. Simply put, if you want PUBG Mobile or shooter video games in widespread then Trooper 2 is a worth VR game to try.

#7. VR Racer

VR Racer is every other racing game which you may play in VR without a controller. It’s a easy racing game in which your headset is used as a movement navigator and it really works pretty accurate. There are a chain of automobiles and streets to be had from everywhere in the international with sensible site visitors to offer a sensation of actual lifestyles.

In phrases of gameplay, it’s pretty easy and you may for certain revel in the fun whilst you are shifting at a breakneck pace. It makes use of gyroscope out of your tool for guidance reason and does an amazing process at that. Also, to pick a automobile or map, you may simply stare at an alternative and it receives selected. Awesome, right? So, in case you need a excessive-racing game with excessive visuals, you may deliver VR Racer a shot.

#8. VR Street Jump

VR Street Jump is an easy VR game which does now no longer want a game controller, however you want to have a well-suited headset with a cause button. The game starts offevolved on the street and you need to appropriately move the road evading cars and heavy site visitors. As you play alongside, the site visitors will increase and so does your risk of having killed via way of means of dashing cars.

The game gives a 360-diploma view of your surrounding making it pretty actual-lifestyles and immersive. Other than that, the sport has voxel like lively characters which seems without a doubt accurate and brings again reminiscences of the frogger arcade game. To conclude, VR Jump Street is an easy VR game and you may sincerely play it when you have time to burn.

Final Words…

So that was our list of 8 best VR Games Without Controller which don’t require a gaming controller or an expensive headset. You can play the games on Google Cardboard or any compatible headset.

However, if you are too serious about the gaming on VR then Oculus is a solid pick and you should definitely go for VR dedicated headsets.

Anyway, that is all from us. If you liked this list then please share it with others and do comment down below to let us know your opinion.