What is bloatware and how to remove it from Mobile or PC

What is bloatware

You might have heard about the Bloatware thing. So, what is bloatware? Is this harmful? Is everything OK if your device contains some pre-installed apps? Let’s see what they are and how to remove them.

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware is something that you don’t want (not aware), or installed in your device forcefully with some software.

You can consider a bloatware as an extra application that you don’t need but it is still in your device and even sometimes you don’t have any idea that it exists and functioning in the background.

The big examples of bloatware is the pre-installed apps.

Sometime you see that when you buy a new phone then it comes pre-loaded with ton of apps. Some apps are useful but some you don’t know what they do.  So these extra apps, you can consider them as bloatware.

It happens in desktop or laptop when you download software. Here when you download an application then it comes with bundle apps.

So when you click to install then with main app (that you need), the other 2 or 3 apps will auto install in your system and that you can consider as bloatware.

What is bloatwareIs everything OK if your device contains some pre-installed bloatware?

Bloatware is a piece of code that available in you device and if its source is not trusted then it is dangerous and may risk for your privacy.

I further simply for you, if you don’t have any idea why this app installed in your device or what it is doing– YES it is harmful.

Eg: a pre-installed app which you know it is stealing your information and you want to delete, but unable to delete as it comes with OS then it is risky. Either change the device or don’t do any sensitive work related to banks, money transfer etc.

  • Apps from untrusted sources – Risky
  • Apps banned by government – Risky

But if you aware about the app, you know its source (trusted) and you agree to their privacy and terms, then you don’t have to worry.

Eg: when you buy a mobile, then you will see some pre-installed apps which are trusted and have a support in your country. Also these pre-installed apps approved by your government – it is safe to use them.

  • Apps from Trusted sources – Good to Go
  • Apps approved by government – Good to Go

Now the question is, if you know the device you are using has some bloatware… then how you can get rid off from your device.

Why Bloatware is Harmful?

  • It slows down the device
  • Takes up the storage, consumes RAM, and CPU power
  • Generally affects user productivity
  • Steals user personal information, bank details etc.
  • Threat for privacy – Privacy risk is big!

Remove Bloatware in Mobile or PC

To remove bloatware we can use the bloatware remover. We can also do this manually but it takes time and to save time we mostly prefer the bloatware uninstaller.

This uninstaller easily finds the issue or untrusted sources and blocks them. It makes the working process very easy.

Remove Bloatware in PC

To remove untrused application you can use the control panel of your operation system. Windows 10 users can check the programs and features and remove the installed application in just 1 click.

Or if this looks time consuming then you can install an antivirus in your system and also you can use ad-blocker extension while browsing.

Remove Bloatware in Mobile

If your device has pre-installed apps then you have to remove it.  But the thing is… it is not easy.

If the bloatware is in the app that installed by you or we could say post-installed app, then the process to uninstall it very easy.

But if it is pre-installed (banned by government later), then you can’t uninstall it in easy way. There are 3 best methods to remove the bloatware

  1. Using Disable or Force Stop option – Easy
  2. Using Root Access – Difficult
  3. Via the Update (if Company provides) – Need Patience

Disabling bloatware on newer phones is easy, and shouldn’t require root access. Just long tap on the app > tap on app info > tap on disable > disable it.

Note that not all apps will have this disable option–but in most cases, they should. If they don’t, you’ll need to use the rooted method (if you know how to do it) to disable them.

But even if you don’t have a rooted device, all is not lost. I want to introduce you to some tools that will help you rid yourself of that bloatware or hide it from sight on un-rooted devices. Here are the tool that you can use to remove pre-installed apps.

  1. NoBloat Free
  2. System app remover
  3. Root App Deleter
  4. Disable Bloatware
  5. System apps

I hope you got an idea what is bloatware and how to remove it. Please share it with others!