WinPatrol for Windows 10 – Some Alternatives to Monitor System Changes

Winpatrol Alternatives for Windows 10

Winpatrol is no longer available, so we got some WinPatrol alternatives which you can download and install in your Windows 10 PC and monitor every activities. Using these amazing tools you can easily find out the last changes in your system.

Is WinPatrol Dead?

Hmmm, Yes now windpatrol discontinued and we have come with some alternatives which offers the sane features. So lets dive in and checkout the best alternative to Winpatrol.

What happened to WinPatrol?

We are not going into that much but here are some 2 major things that stopped the growth of Winpatrol and its gone!

  • It was free and the developer had no money to employ a team to maintain and upgrade the software.
  • It wasn’t hack-proof and when in 2017 ransomware came, it failed.

So that’s 2 major reasons why this application discontinued.

Winpatrol Alternatives for Windows 10

Best Alternatives to Winpatrol for Windows 10

WinPatrol was a free security software that allows you what’s actually going under the hood of Windows. When using WinPatrol, you will be shown various type of tabs that show information like:

  • Active Tasks
  • Services
  • Startup Programs
  • Cookies
  • File Types
  • Hidden Files

WinPatrol was so smart and will automatically whitelist services and all startup items that belong to Microsoft(like Office, OS, VB etc.). It allows you to quickly spot ones that do not belong to Microsoft.

For more advanced features – such as ActiveX Controls and Registry monitoring, you had to upgrade to WinPatrol Plus. This version is bit advance and allow more controls and tabs.

Well back to Winpatrol, the basic version of this program was free which you can download from here. But as this is not functioning so you can get the same functionality from other applications.

Here’re the some alternatives to WinPatrol which you can get for 32bit or 64bit Windows 10 PCs!

#1. Kerish Doctor A system maintenance service for PCs. Utilities include a registry snapshot and protection, startup routine monitoring, junk file clearance and broken shortcut removal, abandoned process removal, and vulnerability scans.

#2. MJ Registry Watcher Guards the registry and startup routines against unauthorized changes. It is free to use.

#3. Sysinternals Autoruns A free utility from Microsoft that lists drivers and services associated with each Windows feature.

#4. Quick Startup Aides the management of processes that launch when the Windows environment loads on a computer at startup.

#5. WinLock Controls access to the settings of Windows to just an administrator account. Great for preventing children from bypassing parental controls.

#6. Chameleon Startup Manager Lists all startup processes in Windows, enabling the user to suspend some and improve startup speed.

#7. SysWatch A security tool for business-owned PCs that blocks any changes to the computer’s settings and key services.

#8. Process Hacker An open-source, free attractive replacement for Windows Task Manager.