How do I know which iPad I have?

How do I know which iPad I have

How do I know which iPad I have is the most asked question among Apple user. So if you don’t have any idea what generation is my iPad then this is how to check model number of an iPad.

Before to continue, I want to highlight that so far Apple has launched 4 variants of iPad i.e. – iPad (standard), iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. You can head over to Apple’s official site for iPad generations to know what iPad do i have.

On Apple site, a number of iPad has been enlisted with specs, launch year and generation. So if you know your iPad specs, then you can easily find out which model of iPad is in your hand.

But if still unable to get what model is my ipad, then checkout the following steps, do some research on Google and find out the iPad model.

How do I know which iPad I have

How do I know which iPad I have using settings?

To check what kind of iPad you have, you need to tap some options on your ipad and this will show you a number. Follow the following steps to get the iPad generation:

  1. On home screen, Tap on the setting icon.
  2. Tap on General > About.
  3. Under the About, You will see Model Number –
  4. Note down this model number and Google it.
  5. You’ll get iPad generation and full details –

Regarding the model number, the same model number is printed on the back of your iPad. Flip your iPad over and read the small text printed under the word “iPad” on the back.

So guys, this very easy way. I would recommend go check your the iPad model using this method. Search that number on internet and you will get full details regarding your iPad from Amazon, GsmArena or form any other tech site.

This is quite easy and simple!

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