7 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks You Should Know About Before Playing The Actual Game

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of those games that a gamer could not help them but fall in love with. Since its release in Feb 2019, this game has only gone strength to strength and demolished several records along the way to take the crown in the first-person shooter battle royale genre.

Currently, the game has over 50 million active players, which is quite evident of its popularity in the first-person shooter genre, but if that is not enough, one can look at the downloads to find Apex Legends at the top of several lists in the year 2023.

But while there is no doubt about the game’s enormous popularity, one should not confuse that with how challenging this game actually is. If you have the misconception that this is game is anything but challenging, then well, you could not be more wrong. While being a fun and exciting game, Apex Legends still poses trouble to the veteran players of the game. So, before you try this game, you should be aware of some tips and tricks that will help you out in the gameplay. Moreover, you can find some exciting tricks here at https://aimclub.io/apex-legends-cheats/.

Apex Legends

7 Awesome tips and tricks that everyone should know before they try their hands at Apex Legends

#1. Dropping at the right places is crucial

One of the common mistakes made by beginner players of the game is that they drop into a crowded area and try to get in the action straight away. Now, this is simply not a smart thing to do if you are not a veteran of the game, as only a godlike aim will help you get out of that place without wasting your round. The best strategy that every beginner player should apply is to drop at a safe place and gather as much good loot as possible.

#2. Find the right teammates

Apex Legends is not like other first-person shooter battle royale games where you would have the opportunity to play either as solo or as part of a squad. In Apex Legends, there is only one mode, and that is a three-player squad mode. So, it becomes even more crucial that you team up with the right players to increase the chances of your winning.

#3. Know about Legends

There is a reason why this game is known as Apex Legends. Legends are the characters that are available for one to play as. There are various characters available for one to choose from, with their own unique characteristics and skills. Before choosing a Legend, one should learn about their abilities so that they can make the best use of them during the gameplay.

#4. No fall damages

Yes, you read that right; there is no fall damage in Apex Legends, no matter where you jump from. Unlike other games, where even a small jump could severely impact a player’s health, in Apex Legends, one can jump from any height and from any place without worrying about its impact on the health bar.

This has resulted in players creating a strategy that incorporates this feature and making the most of it to overcome the threat of enemy combatants.

#5. Close doors

A common mistake made by many players in Apex Legends and other first-person shooting battle royale games is that they forget to close the door when they enter the room. Now it may seem trivial in Apex Legends as there are too many buildings for one to keep count of in Apex Legends. But a veteran player can easily spot an open door from a mile away and would easily track your movement, leisurely picking you out at any given moment. That is why it is crucial that you ensure that the doors are closed behind you when you enter a building.

#6. Pick only the right loot.

It may seem like the smart thing to do is pick anything that is within your reach, but it really is not. Apex Legends have made it easier for players to identify the quality of the loot that is on the ground, which is extremely helpful for gamers to decide whether they need to pick the dropped item or not. By focusing on the color of the dropped item, you can make a quick decision about the loot.

#7. Latency

The biggest challenge in the game you would face is not the veteran players who have amassed experience or even your lack of experience, but it would be the ping. Yes, you read that right; if you do not take of this issue, then the end result would be your defeat. In Apex Legends, there are a large number of data selection centers for one to choose from. Therefore, finding the data center with the lowest latency in your region is a guaranteed way to experience the best possible gameplay in Apex Legends and you won’t feel and lag or frame drop issue.

So guys this is how to get better at apex legends on controller. If you would like to know more, then you can ask the questions on the Reddit platform or you may contact experts on Facebook or twitter.  Even if you search, there are a number of videos available on YouTube which you can watch to expand your knowledge and expertise in this awesome game.

Well that’s all about the Apex Legends tips for beginners guide. If you know anything else regarding this game, then you can let us know in the comments and guys please don’t forget to share it with others on social media platforms!