How To Win a Duel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2 is a video game sequel of the very famous Red dead redemption, and this game is made under the world-famous gaming studio rockstar games. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world roleplaying game set in the wild west. This game is available on all platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Pc, Nintendo, etc.

It is the perfect game to experience the old scenic landscapes and live like a cowboy. One of the most exciting features of this game is its online mode. In this mode, you can play with other players on a real-time basis. If you want to excel online, you can look for some of the best RDR2 cheats here.

Old fashioned two-player duels are among the best modes to test your skills against the other players.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Different Phases of a Duel in RDR2

There are some different phases while you participate in a duel in RDR2. If you want to become a duel master, mastering these individual phases will help you become good at dueling.

  • Find An Opponent:- This is the first phase of your duel. It would help if you found an opponent to duel with. Mostly you will find such people in towns and cities near the saloons. But there are also plenty of other people you can also duel without in the wild. You can find people to duel with when you are on a mission and while you are free-roaming.
  • Draw Phase:- In this phase, you will have to draw your weapons quicker than your opponent to win. You must draw at the correct time, as if you draw your weapon before the timer, you will get disqualified. If you draw after the time, then the opponent will shoot you first.
  • Aim Phase:- You can set your aim at your opponents in two ways by using dead eye ability or not. Using dead eye ability will slow down time considerably so that you can aim more easily. This is a technique used mainly by beginners and amateurs. You can also seek without using the deadeye feature. With a lot of practice and time, you can quickly learn this method and call yourself a highly skilled shooter at dueling.
  • Shoot Phase:- During this phase, your character will shoot the opponent at the targets you have set during the aim phase. The person that lands a critical hit first will win the dueling competition. You can start shooting by pressing the RT/R2 button on your controllers.

Essential Tips for Winning a Duel

Duels in Red Dead Redemption 2 are one of the most challenging parts of the game, whether an online fight against a real player or an offline duel against an NPC.

A duel requires you to have quick reaction time along with precision to win.

  • Charge Draw:- During the draw phase of the duel, where both opponents have to draw the guns out of their holsters, there is a charge meter. You can charge this meter by holding the right trigger if you are playing on an Xbox or press the R2 button if you are playing on a PlayStation. You need to focus and charge the draw meter as close to the center as possible. If you charge the meter too high, your player will take more time to draw his gun. If you charge the meter too low, then the aim of your player will be off the target.
  • Button Count:- While dueling in RDR2, always remember to press the right trigger or R2 three times in quick successions. Pressing these buttons only two times will result in your loss. The majority of the players only press the buttons two times under pressure and time constraints.
  • Consider Your Path: Like many other roleplaying games, you can also choose your character’s path. Each situation or conflict in this game can be solved in one of two ways with honor or without honor. If you want to choose the righteous path, you can disarm your opponent rather than kill them. Similarly, this principle is also applicable while a duel is going on. To disarm your opponent in a fight, aim at the hands or the gun of your duel partner. This will increase your honor. However, some opponents cannot be disarmed, and you have to kill them. Killing such opponents will not result in the loss of any honor.
  • Keep Practicing:- One of the simplest ways to get better at duels in RDR2 is to keep practicing. You can improve your dueling skills out of the duels as well. Simply press the R2/RT button once to draw your gun, then press this button again to enter the dead eye mode. The deadeye mode is your character’s unique ability, which slows down time to have a better aim. Press the R2/RT button for the third and last time to fire off your shots onto your opponent. You can practice these moves on random NPCs and animals as well.

Final Words

We bring to you some effective tips to win a duel in the game of Red Dead Redemption 2. Follow these tips and tricks to make use of some reliable cheats.