Games Like PUBG – Best Alternatives for Low End Devices

games like pubg

We played some of the best PUBG options on mobile. Here we have made a list of 11 free games like PUBG so that you can try them too.  Let’s see the survival games for low end mobile device!

PUBG is a popular game in the mobile gaming world. Millions of people have already downloaded it from Android or iOS stores and they play it daily. It is a heavy game, nearly takes 2GB space and need a good processor and min 3GB RAM.

So if you have a powerful phone with good processor and RAM then you can surely enjoy the game without any lag or frame drop.

But what if you don’t have a powerful Smartphone? What if you don’t have any flagship or gaming phones?

Well if you have a budget handset and want to play a survival game then here are some of the best games like PUBG. These games are similar to PUBG games.

games like pubgThe concept of all these games is like PUBG games. You will be dropped (off course you have to eject) by an airplane and once you land you will have to survive until the game ends. [ Check out – PUBG 4K Wallpapers ]

The good thing about these games is that you don’t need powerful smartphones.  If you have a budget handset then you can play these games without any trouble + these some of the games (like free fire) take less space than PUBG.

Games Like PUBG – Best Alternatives for Budget Smartphones

#1. Rules of Survival (RoS)

In this game you will be dropped with 120 other players on the island and later you have to fight and be the last man standing as a winner.

Millions of downloads make it a popular alternative to PUBG, and we enjoyed playing the game. The controls are quite comfortable, and the experience smooth.

#2. Vast Survival

Vast survival is another PUBG alternative. It is a multiplayer action and adventure game with high-end 3D visuals.

Like Pubg, Vast Survival is also available on PC if you want to play on a larger screen other than your Android device.

#3. Bullet Strike

Bullet Strike battleground is another similar mobile game. It is known as one of the most enjoyable FPS shooting games.

Bullet Strike can be worth a hit, especially if you like sniper games.

What we noticed in this game is an extensive collection of sniper guns with many accessories. Therefore, you can also choose ammunition that can help you dominate the game and become the most wanted sniper assassin!

#4. Fortnite

Fortnite from Epic Games gives you PUBG like experience. The battle royale is infinitely complex, and you need to be one step ahead of your enemies to stay alive. So, the best and easy way to take on your competitors and increase your control over the game is to form a reliable team.

With new modes, often adding deadly weapons and tools, Fortnite prevents boredom creep in-game. Please note that this game is not available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download its apk from Epic’s website.

#5. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Do you like military “block” pixels?

It is another multiplayer battle survival game with characters in block pixel form.  Grand Battle Royale can lighten your performance with aplomb.

In this game, you have the avenue to fight in the form of a crazy, blocked character.

With a large island and challenging moments where nothing can be taken for granted, Grand Battle Royale is one of the best free games like PUBG.

#6. Knives Out

Knives Out is another best free game like PUBG. This game boasts simple mechanics, team play, a variety of maps, and plenty of weapons. It’s almost as typical a shuttle-fighting royale experience as you can get.

Knives Out is comparable to PUBG but adds some unique locations that are slightly different in gameplay. The Knives Out views are just amazing. Also, the game is very popular in the Google Play Store and is known for its graphics and smooth gameplay.

#7. Garena Free Fire

This is a survival shooting game with many modes like Ranking Classic, Clash mode, Gun king etc. Like pubg you can play the match alongside 49 other players on a remote island – Bermuda or Kalahari.

This games size is quite less than PUBG, you can easily download it via play store and with minimum hardware requirement you can play it easily.  The graphics of this game is decent.

One trick that can save your day is to choose your starting point wisely and find a safe area as early as possible. Schedule your target and attack enemies when they appear vulnerable. And don’t forget to rob all of their valuables.

#8. Battle Forces – FPS, online game

Battle Forces is an online FPS game like PUBG that offers quite the gameplay experience.

Enjoy shooting games like never before with amazing features like its intense PvP battles, customization, available characters and so on.

Battle forces bring something new to the world of mobile shooter games and we’re excited to feature it in this list of worthy PUBG alternatives as well as to play the game.

#9. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

The lack point of PUBG is that it need a a powerful processor. So if your phone doesn’t qualify the hardware than you can install Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds. It could be a perfect choice for you device.

These games graphics and characters would be like Minecraft. If you already familiar with Minicraft then this game won’t disappoint you!

It’s also a battle royale game like PUBG, where you need to survive by killing other players.

#10. Survival Royale

A game from the makers of Rules of Survival, the rules, and the similarities cannot be written off. The controls on the screen are intuitive and easy to use.

There is a safe circle that you need to reach as the play area becomes smaller over time. Failure to do so can cause damage to your health that could result in death if you fail to reach the Safe Circle.

#11. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is an action-packed royal shooter game like PUBG but with little changes. It is set in a virtual world where gamers can create anything they want.  This game’s physics is different than PUBG.

While shooters aren’t really new at all (like the Unreal Tournament), the truth is that the names of your favorite PUBGs or Fortnite have brought this genre back into fashion.

In an attempt to advantage of the recent success of these two titles, many other developers with more or fewer fortunes have released dozens of titles based on the same principle of battle royals.

Final Words

So guys, these were some mobile games like PUBG. I hope you liked it! You can try these games and tell us which survival game did you like most other than PUBG?

Let us know in the comment section if we missed anything and don’t forget to share the PUBG alternatives with friends on social sites!