How to Check OS Version & Specs in Android using About Phone?

How to Check OS Version & Specs in Android using About Phone

Use the about phone option in android mobiles to get the complete information: Suppose you have someone’s smartphone or tablet and you want to check the hardware and software details (like RAM, ROM, SIM Slots, and Processor), then how can you do it in the smart way? How to check what kind of android phone or tablet you have?

If you are searching for this question, then we are here to guide you. In this tech guide, we will guide you how can you check android device specifications including operating system version without and third-party app?

Read the full step-by-step guide to know the full information in android mobiles below:

How to Check OS Version & Specs in Android using About PhoneCheck OS Version and Hardware Specs in Android using About Phone

If you have an android smartphone and you want to know all its specifications Like RAM, Internal Storage i.e. ROM, CPU info, SIM SLOTS, IMEI Number, MAC address.

Then you can easily get these details in very quick way. You can also check the OS version of the phone and update it for free.

So how can you check the OS version and Hardware Specs of an android using About Phone.


  1. Go to Phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on About Phone.
  3. Tap on Device Information.
  • Here you can see the Phone Model Number, CPU, RAM, ROM and OS Version.
  1. Tap on The Back button.
  2. Tap on Status.
  • Here you can get the MAC address, IP address, IMEI number, Bluetooth Address, Serial Number of Product and Single Strength info.
  1. Done…!

So if you haven’t crossed checked the android phone’s hardware details then check it now using the About Phone option under the settings.

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