5 Things Must Keep in Mind before Buying a Smartphone

5 Things Must Keep in Mind before Buying a Smartphone

Smartphone is an important gadget of our daily life. You can see this device almost in everyone’s pocket or hand. If you are one on them who haven’t ever bought the cell phone yet, then you should read this tech guide. In this tech article, we will tell you about the 5 things that you must keep in mind before buying a smartphone.

So, are you going to buy a new smartphone or haven’t bought any mobile in the last 2 years?

If yes, then check out the most important factors to consider in choosing the right phone. Read the full buying guide of a smartphone below:

5 Things Must Keep in Mind before Buying a Smartphone5 Things Must Keep in Mind before Buying a Smartphone

1.) RAM and ROM (MEMORY)

Memory is a key feature of a smartphone. So, if you are going to buy a smartphone then you always buy a phone with bigger RAM and ROM.

Try to avoid handsets with just 1GB of RAM.

The combination of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM are good enough. 2GB RAM is enough to handle the heavy application, provide smooth operations. While the 16GB ROM or internal memory is good enough to store the data.

If a phone does support memory card option, then 16GB memory is okay for your smartphone… because later if you need more storage then you can easily expand it via the memory card.

These days nearly all smartphones support memory expandable option up to 32GB… even some support up to 128GB.

If the smartphone doesn’t support memory card option, then it would be better to buy a smartphone with minimum 32GB internal storage. You can also prefer bigger storage, but for budget handsets 32GB is sufficient.


A better and bigger processor makes a smartphone faster. A better and upgraded processor makes a smartphone speedy and also saves a lot of sources. Generally, you will find two processors in the market – Snapdragon and Mediatek.

Experts always suggest Snapdragon processor, because it always comes with some betterment. You can find a new technology in each and every processor made by Qualcomm industry. In snapdragon processors, you’ll also get faster graphics and speedier camera performance, along with better upload and download speeds over LTE.

So, if you have made the mind for a phone, then Snapdragon should be the first choice.

If you are looking for iPhone, then the A10 chip in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus is also very speedy, delivers smooth performance.


Display is another main factor that you should consider while buying a smartphone. A phone with the 4.7-inch screen or 5.0-inch screen is a good buy.

Big screen smartphones are difficult to handle. So, a phone with 4.7-inch or 5.0-inch screen is always recommended by the experts.

In addition to screen size, the resolution of the display also matters. A phone should support HD resolution i.e. 720p. FULL HD is well and good.


Battery is the powerhouse of a phone. Without the battery, the phone is nothing. So, buy a phone that comes with a larger capacity battery.

A phone with 2500mAh battery is good enough (if your usage is normal). You can also opt for 3K or 4KmAh battery.

We consider any phone that lasts longer than 8 hours of straight 4G LTE surfing to be acceptable, but greater than 9 hours is better.


Smartphone comes with minimum 1-year warranty… so you can take it to the service center in case of any miss happening. It sounds good… your phone has 1-year warranty and if anything happens then it will be repaired.


But, this is not the reality!

You can easily find out the service centers of branded smartphones in the city or town. But the service centers of some manufacturers aren’t available in the city.

So it is better… always buy a phone whose service center is near! Service center of the phone should be inside your city or town.

Some companies take 2 or 3 months to repair the phone. So never buy the smartphone from these companies. Always buy a phone from a well and reputed brand.


  • Display: 4.7-inch or 5.0-inch screen, HD/FULL-HD resolution
  • RAM: 2GB or greater than 2GB
  • ROM: 16GB with memory card or 32GB
  • Processor: Snapdragon Quad-Core / Hexa Core / Octa-Core, Clock Speed 1.2Ghz+
  • Battery: 2500-2800mAh / 3kmAh / 4KmAh+

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