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lock screen while playing games

How to Lock Screen While Playing Games?

How to lock screen while playing games? This question is raised by many readers and hence we are ready to share best information about...
LED Flash for Alerts

How to Turn ON Camera LED Flash for Alerts?

You might have noticed many smartphones whose LED flash blinks when a call or message is received by them. Whenever a phone gets a...
Mobile Phone Security

3 Simple Ways to Increase Mobile Phone Security 

A Complete Guide on Mobile Phone Security: At the present time, there are a lot of tasks which we can be accomplished by the...

6 Smart Tips to Solve Hanging Problem of a Phone

Many times you must have heard about the phone hanging problem. It is a common issue of a smartphone, which is faced by millions...
How to Check OS Version & Specs in Android using About Phone

How to Check OS Version & Specs in Android using About Phone?

Use the about phone option in android mobiles to get the complete information: Suppose you have someone’s smartphone or tablet and you want to...
How to Update Android Operating System in Smartphones & Tablets for free

How to Update Android Operating System in Smartphones & Tablets?

Do you want to update android operating system in smartphones and tablets? Do you want to enhance the speed or performance of the device?...
Gadgets Eco Friendly

7 Ways To Make Your Gadgets Eco Friendly

Everyone knows that their gadget or gadgets release lots of heat energy while using for the short or long period of time. The energy your gadget...
Connect Laptop to TV

5 Best Ways to Connect Laptop to TV – HDMI and More

Have you ever gone through a situation where you need to Connect Laptop to TV? I know you might have searched for it (how to...

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How to List Your Crypto Token?

The cryptocurrency sector is highly competitive, and listing on a reputable exchange is a significant step for any digital token project. This guide will...