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liquid cooling system - the technology in mobile smartphones

Liquid Cooling System in Mobiles: How this Technology Works?

These days many companies are opting to the Liquid cooling technology in mobile phones. This Liquid cooling system in smartphones keeps the processor's temperature...
Infinity Display

What is Infinity Display (with Infographics)

Infinity display is getting popular these days. Companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, Asus, Vivo and Nokia are using Infinity edge display in latest flagship...
eSIM Wiki, eSIM chip inside phone

Apple iPhone eSIM | eSIM Wiki – What is it and How it Works?

Apple launched new dual SIM phones with a physical SIM and an eSIM. So what is eSIM & how it works? Checkout everything about...
Notch Display

Notch Display Technology: The New Revolutionary Trend Changing User Experience

Notch Display: The Smartphones are becoming slimmer and the bezels are slowly vanishing from the screen panel. The truth is that the increasing popularity...
USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3 - What's The Difference

What Exactly Are USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3?

You might have heard the name USB Type C. So what it is and what kind of benefits we get from this new technology? In...
What is the Fingerprint Sensor on the smartphones or smart devices

What is the Fingerprint Sensor in Smartphones?

These days, all the latest devices like mobiles are coming with a new feature called Fingerprint Sensor. So, what is the fingerprint sensor and...
Snapdragon Processor

Snapdragon Processor: The Power of Your Smartphone Wiki

What is QUALCOMM Snapdragon Processor? Where is it used? Check out all the possible factors, news, and history –complete information below: The Snapdragon is...
USB OTG (On-The-Go) feature in Smartphones or Tablets

What is USB OTG (On-The-Go) Support?

USB OTG is a common term that you must have heard in the gadgets. But what exactly it is.  What is the use of...

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