Liquid Cooling System in Mobiles: How this Technology Works?

liquid cooling system - the technology in mobile smartphones

These days many companies are opting to the Liquid cooling technology in mobile phones. This Liquid cooling system in smartphones keeps the processor’s temperature low and also maintains the speed level for long run. So let dive in and see what this technology is and how it works in the smartphones?

In recent time we heard a lot about the liquid cooling but I will clear one thing this not a new technology. Many smartphone makers like Nokia (in Lumina 950XL), Samsung (in S7) and LG (in G6) already used it in their smartphones to keep the processor’s temperature low.

These days Liquid Cooling System is becoming popular as many big companies like Samsung is using it in Note 9 and it got more attention when Xiaomi used it in POCO F1 smartphone.  So what is this Liquid cooling technology, why it necessary in the mobiles and how it protects your device from being overheated.

liquid cooling system - the technology in mobile smartphonesWhat is Liquid Cooling Technology?

Liquid Cooling is just a method to overcome the heat of a device using the water solution. So sometimes the liquid cooling also called water cooling.

In this method, a special liquid is used in hollow tube or copper pipes. This liquid cooling mechanism provides efficient cooling to the processor and helps to minimize the noise generated by higher processor speeds.

This techonoly is a best solution to solve phone overheating problem which casues a lot of disturbances like phone auto shut down, legs, call dropping etc.

Why Liquid Cooling System is Necessary for Mobiles?

At the present time, mobile companies are using the liquid solutions to overcome the heat of a processor. They needed it because the high speed and powerful processor gets overheated due to the excessive use.

In many case you might have also seen that a mobile phone gets hotter when you use it continuously (or in heavy use case). So here, basically a processor generates a lot of heat and as we have seen in the device there is no fan or vacant space to release that heat.

We have seen many cooling devices like cooling pads, cpu fans, case fan in the desktop or laptops computers but in the smartphones we never ever seen that things.

So to sort out the heating problems in smartphones (generated by processors), to keep processor temperature low… experts come up with liquid cooling system. It is the best solution for rapid heat removal due to its unmatched thermal performance

This liquid cooling system not only cools down the processor’s heat but also increases the phone’s performance for long run. So that’s the only reason to use the liquid cooling technology in smartphones!

How does Liquid Cooling Work in Smartphones?

The liquidcool technology involves a pipe and is basically comprised of two main things an evaporator and a condenser.  The pipe contains the liquid solution and the two units – evaporator and condenser that are used to convert liquid into vapours and vapours into a liquid respectively.

The liquid works as a coolant. So when the processor releases the heat, then at the evaporate stage the liquid convert into vapour. After this the hot vapour goes into the condenser,  the condenser dissipates this heat and the condenser feeds this cool liquid back into the Pipe, back into the evaporator and it goes on and on like this in a circle as shown below.

Liquid > Processor > Takes Heat of Processor > Vapour > Cool > Back in Liquid Form > Processor

How does Liquid Cooling Work in SmartphonesAs you can see, the cooled liquid recirculates again through the pipe to the processor to continue the cooling process. This process keeps the CPU fast and cool + you won’t feel any leg, disturbance at peak level.

So guys, that’s all about the liquid cooling system in smartphones. If you have any questions, then don’t forget to comment us and don’t forget to share this on social sites.