What is Infinity Display (with Infographics)

Infinity Display

Infinity display is getting popular these days. Companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, Asus, Vivo and Nokia are using Infinity edge display in latest flagship smartphones. Some popular laptop brands like Dell are also releasing the new laptops with Full Vision Infinity Display. You will barely see borders in those devices!

Have a look at full vision border less Display with 18:9 Aspect Ratio in depth with Infographics below.

Infinity DisplayWhat is Infinity Display

Infinity display or Bezel less display is merely a marketing term that coined by Samsung in 2017. The company released this display first time in Galaxy S8 and S8 plus smartphones. Now the company is using it successfully in their upcoming flagship mobile phones like S9 and S9+.

It has an extremely high screen-to-body ratio, which means the bezels are almost non-existent on the phone, making it feel like you’re holding a continuous, single display in hand. It provides for a more immersive experience since the bezels are not there to distract the user.

Apple launched it in iPhone X.

LG launched it in G6 and Q6 series phones with a different name i.e. full vision wide-angle display, having aspect ratio 18:9. [Check LG Q6 Review here]

So if we talk about infinity edge display, then it is not a technology. It is just a marketing term that first time coined by Samsung. Now many smartphone or laptop makers are using this marketing term only to attract users.

Infinity Edge Display in Smartphones

To achieve this, the companies just stretched the old screen size and left the minimum bezels on body. In short, they covered the entire front portion of a phone with display.

samsung infinity edge display conceptIn some premium flagship devices like Galaxy S8, S9 and iPhone X, you can barely tell where the screen ends and the frame begins.

A phone having non-infinity screen comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (max).  While a phone having infinity screen comes with an Aspect ratio of 18:9(min). The aspect ratio could be higher in infinity display phones.

One more thing, as compared to non-infinity display mobiles, you will get more pixels in infinity display smartphones.

Infinity Edge Display in Laptops

The concept of infinity display in laptops was firstly introduced by Dell. The company introduced the infinity edge display in their laptop in early 2015.

Now you can see more content on your laptop screen. The screen size is big enough for an enriching gaming, surfing and video watching experience.

This infinity bezel-less or border less display makes the laptop size compact which you can easily hold.

Non-Infinity vs Infinity Display [Infographics]

The difference between non-infinity and infinity display devices is very clear. In non-infinity case – as the screen size increases, the body of device gets bigger.

But in infinity display case – as the screen size increases, the body of device doesn’t get bigger. Even with the big screen, the device feels small and comfortable in your hand.

Here is an infographics that shows the complete difference between infinity and non-infinity display phones.

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