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S Bike Mode

What is S Bike Mode and How it Works?

Do you receive unwanted calls from the service providers or from unknown numbers during riding a bike? If yes, then you will love this...
Infinity Display

What is Infinity Display (with Infographics)

Infinity display is getting popular these days. Companies like Samsung, LG, Apple, Asus, Vivo and Nokia are using Infinity edge display in latest flagship...
Hybrid slots in smartphones

What is Hybrid Dual SIM Slot (New Feature) in Smartphones?

Hybrid Dual SIM slot is a new technology that confuses smartphone buyers a lot. When they hear this word, either they ignore or ready...
AR Emoji Samsung Galaxy S9

What is AR Emoji in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

AR Emoji: A new feature provided by Samsung in their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus is getting famous these days. As they are...
dash cam technology

How Dash Cam Technology Has Been Revolutionised in the Last Few Years

In the last few years, the demand for dash cams has increased significantly. These in-car cameras are incredibly useful in various situations and are...
Snapdragon Processor

Snapdragon Processor: The Power of Your Smartphone Wiki

What is QUALCOMM Snapdragon Processor? Where is it used? Check out all the possible factors, news, and history –complete information below: The Snapdragon is...
Top 5 Technology Tools for Language Learning Students

Top 5 Technology Tools for Language Learning Students

In the past, if you wanted to learn a foreign language, you would need to travel to the region where the language was spoken...
USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3 - What's The Difference

What Exactly Are USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3?

You might have heard the name USB Type C. So what it is and what kind of benefits we get from this new technology? In...