Top 25 eBook Torrent sites to download public domain eBooks for free

eBook Torrent Sites

Looking for a single source to download eBooks for free? Here’s the latest and updated list of ebook torrent sites to download eBooks like epub, pdf, docx, cbz, cbr, html, txt for free legally and safely.

In this AI world, the eBook Torrent websites is one of the best and easy source to get knowledge in form of books at one place for free.  As the digitization level expanded, now you do not need to carry a lots of books; all you need an eBook reader with latest specs to read all your favorite books.

Let’s check out the best ebook torrenting sites in 2024 that you can follow to download and read eBooks of stories, fantasy, science, life history, and journey in the form of eBooks. In addition to that, you can download the pdfs for Android tablets and if you wish to read epub on iPad then you can also get the best epub torrent via below given websites!

So, now the question is where you will find the eBook torrents for free? Well, I’m going to reveal the sites details shorty but before to continue I want to warn that downloading copyrighted content like e-books from torrent websites for free is illegal and the concerned production house can get sued in court for the same.

Hence, it is advised download only public domain ebooks from torrent websites. Here are the top 25 eBook Torrent Sites to Download eBooks for free.

25 Best eBook Torrent Sites

Starting with the top most popular eBook torrent sites, this list will cover almost every best torrent sites available today. So, here is the list of 25 best eBook torrent sites which you can use to download the eBooks.

Sr. No. eBook Torrenting Site
1 Extratorrents
2 The Pirate Bay
4 KickassTorrents 
5 Torrentz
6 FreeBookSpot
7 1337X
8 TorrentDownloads
9 LimeTorrents
10 YourBitTorrent
11 SeedPeer
12 TorrentFunk
13 Bitport
14 101 Torrent
15 01Torrent
16 Books-share
17 Torrent Off
18 zooqle
19 Smashwords
20 Ebookee
21 Manybooks
22 Planet eBook
23 Free eBooks
24 Wikibooks
25 Tech Books for Free

#1 ExtratorrentseBook Torrent Sites

Starting with the top famous torrent sites, Extratorrent plays best role out of all sites for many countries. Also you can download torrents for free from here with all information like peers and seed available and also the size on a single line.

eBook Torrent Site: Extratorrent

On the homepage, you will get torrents according to their categories like Movies, Books, Games etc. Here you can select any category or you can download any eBook torrent for free.

You can download eBook torrents for any Book categories like Fantasy, Life Stories, Education and much more.

You can search, download or distribute torrents to your friends for different categories also. In November 2016, the site becomes second largest torrent site leading by The Pirate Bay.

#2 The Pirate BayeBook Torrent Sites

The world’s number 1 torrent site available. Founded in 2003, this site becomes number 1 for eBook torrents and also for other torrents like Movies, Games, Music, TV Shows etc.

eBook Torrent Site: The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay allows users or visitors to download, view or contribute torrents and magnetic links on the site for any type of category.

This site was banned many times but The Pirate Bay has different proxy sites that allows visitors to access the files from any country until there is not restriction off torrenting completely.

With other torrents like Entertainment, TV Shows, Games etc. you will find almost everything in form of torrent.

Here you can download any torrent for free. The Pirate Bay shared different eBook torrents to download almost every reading stuff here.

#3 RARGBeBook Torrent Sites

Founded in 2008, this eBook torrent site provides different eBook torrents to download with magnetic and direct links.

eBook Torrent Site: RARBG

Not much non by people about this site, but still this site can give you almost every reading stuff in form of eBook torrent.

#4 KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents (commonly abbreviated KAT) is a eBook torrent site that provided a big directory for torrent files and magnet links for different type of data to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

eBook Torrent Site: Kickass Torrent

It was founded on 2008 but this site becomes the most visited site even overtaking The Pirate Bay by 2014.

You can download eBook torrents, entertainment torrents, game torrents and much more from the site.

#5 Torrentz

Finland based site that provides different sources to download eBook torrents, entertainment torrents and much more. For year 2012, it was the second most visited site and also in 2015 the site hit this status again.

eBook Torrent Site: Torrentz

The site is special for eBook torrent lovers because here you can find different links to download eBook torrents of different categories.

The user interface is very simple. You will see a list of latest torrents available on the site related to the latest eBooks, TV Shows and so on. To search your favorite eBook or other categories, just enter and hit in search tool.

#6 FreeBookSpot: eBook Torrents Site

Best of eBook torrent, this site if totally for eBooks for different categories. When you visit the site you will see a list of books best for the week and also there are categories available to download torrents.

eBook Torrent Site: Free Book Spot

You can select any category and download eBook torrents for free. There is no compulsion to register an account. You can also share your books and people will give reviews for what is best and whats worst.

#7 1337X: eBook Torrents Site

Another amazing torrent download site for all. Here you will get all stuff like eBook torrents, Movies torrents, Games torrents and much more.

eBook Torrent Site: 1337X

Categories also are divided in best way like if you want to read top eBooks, here is a menu link and same for other categories.

Also you can check who has uploaded the torrent and who get top stars to download safe.

#8 TorrentDownloads

Same as top sites you can download any kind of torrents like eBook torrent, Entertainment torrents and much more. Specially for eBooks, you can download eBook torrent of any type like crime, horror, thriller, romance and much more.

eBook Torrent Site: Torrent Downloads

All files are arranges in categories like, Movies, Books, TV Show and more. You can download eBook torrents from Book section.

In Book section, you will find different type of books to download. Books section also categories in 3 sections: Audio books, eBooks, and Magazines.

#9 LimeTorrents

Good for eBook torrent download, this site categories in Movies, Games, TV Shows, Books and more. Check out the site and you will find many different links to download your torrent from different locations.

eBook Torrent Site: Lime Torrents

eBook Torrents are available on Books category which you can select either from menu or from the list displayed in homepage.

LimeTorrents is a public directory to download any torrent including eBook torrents with one click download feature.

#10 YourBitTorrent

Founded in 2003, this site provides best services to visitors for downloading free data through torrents. Best for eBook torrent download because this site provides different links to download torrents more safely.

eBook Torrent Site: Your Bittorrent

Going to the eBooks category, you will get a list of eBook torrents when clicked you will get different links to download torrent.

With less on click ads, this site provides more safe path to download eBook torrents for all.

#11 SeedPeereBook Torrent Sites

A good site to download eBook torrents for free. You will get list of best available eBooks on the screen or you can make a search to quick find your favorite eBooks.

The site is not much popular but still you can get much juice for eBooks here.

#12 TorrentFunk

Another site to download eBook torrents. Here you will see a list of latest torrents available according to the latest release of almost every category.

eBook Torrent Site: Torrent Funk

Not easy to find torrents but you can make a quick search to find the data. Check out the site and make your own suggestions.

#13 Bitport

At Bitport you will get all your favorite eBooks, songs, movies and much more. Best section for eBook is available in this site according to your need.

eBook Torrent Site: Bitport

Check out the site now and find what you want and download your favorite eBook torrent today..

#14 101 Torrent

101 Torrent is a free torrent website where you will get millions of torrents for eBooks, games, videos, movies and much more.

You can download latest movies, your favorite eBook collection, TV Seasons and much more. The site is divided into sections that will easily lead you to best eBook torrents.

#15 01TorrenteBook Torrent Sites

Another fantastic torrent site to download eBook torrents free and much more stuff like games, movies, videos, TV seasons, music and much more.

eBook Torrent Site: 01Torrrent

The interface is so clear that you can download anything directly. Also on the homepage, you will find all latest stuff like music, movies, eBooks etc.

#16 Books-share

The best website for eBook torrents and eBooks lovers. Here you will find a mountain of eBooks to read and download free of cost.

eBook Torrent Site: Books Share

As the site is totally about eBooks, here you can read and download eBooks online for free.

#17 Torrent OffeBook Torrent Sites

Best torrent site review given by people to this site. Here you not only find the eBook torrent but also movies, music, games, software and much more.

eBook Torrent Site: Torrent Off

A beautiful site to download torrents files of your favorite stuff.

#18 zooqle

eBook Torrent Site: zooqle

With a beautiful interface and easy to navigate this site is a good start for eBook readers to download eBook torrent for free. The site got everything in its homepage and you can check out the stuff by menus and links.

#19 Smashwords

Best eBook torrent site to get your favorite books today. This site is totally for eBooks and you can get free eBooks and you can also buy your favorite eBook not available free anywhere.

eBook Torrent Site: Smash Words

This site divides according to free eBooks and paid eBooks according to price. You can also search your favorite eBook by left sidebar navigation.

#20 Ebookee

As the name suggests, the site is for eBooks and eBook torrent. With simple look just like Wikipedia, the site is provides good experience and extra content for knowledge.

eBook Torrent Site: EBOOKEE

The site is best for researches and those people who love to go to the depth of their favorite subject.

#21 Manybooks

A good place to download ebook torrents for free. Here you will find both free and paid eBooks and also kindle eBooks for free.

eBook Torrent Site: Many Books

I love the interface the site have. Easy to navigate and easy to read the content.

#22 Planet eBook

eBook Torrent Site: Planet Books

Not like others site giving all stuff free, this site is something professional in it. The free section is available to all readers, but the main section where you can buy stuff also cool.

Check out this site.

#23 Free eBooks

eBook Torrent Site: Free-Ebooks

Another big site to download free eBook torrents and also you can download directly. If you don’t want to use torrent software and want to download all stuff free, this is the site you are looking for.

#24 Wikibooks

Just like Wikipedia interface, the site is a mountain of knowledge and you will get almost everything you want here.

eBook Torrent Site: WikiBooks

Check out the site and get your favorite subject knowledge and also much more stuff.

#25 Tech Books for Free

eBook Torrent Site: Tech Books Free Download

If you are a student or want to learn about any technology, then this site is for you. Here you will find eBooks of different programming and technology stuff.

Check out the site with simple look but having a mountain of knowledge.

Well guys if you can pay or have purchased Amazon kindle fire then you can get a bunch of latest and old books in different category from kindle store. You can download and read as per your convince!

FAQ on eBook Torrenting

How to use eBook torrenting sites?

To download free eBooks, you need to go to the torrenting sites and search what eBook you are looking. Download the torrent and you can set that file into any torrent software like uTorrent etc.

Why should I use eBook torrenting sites?

There are millions of different category eBook torrents are available in these sites. You can download any type of eBook using these sites. These sites are the most searched way by students, engineers etc.

Are eBook torrents sites are safe?

Yes, these sites are safe to download eBook, but still advised… use an anti-virus software before using them. If unable to access any site in your area, then always use a secure VPN connection.

Will eBook torrents work on my Kindle?

Yes, to get eBooks for your Kindle devices, you need to find the torrents that provide eBooks in KPF or EPUB formats, which are recommended.


So, these are the 25 top eBook torrent sites to download eBooks for Free. Here you can get almost every eBook ever released in the world. Check out the links and go to Books sections of make search to find your eBooks and download for free.

Apart from that, we also got a list of some safe and reliable alternatives of eBooks torrent sites. You can check them to get ebook for free…

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Internet Archive
  • The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
  • Open Library
  • Standard Ebooks

Best part is that you do not have to pay to read books and also no need to search on multiple sites. Choose one of these eBook torrent site or reliable alternatives  and download an eBook of your choice without any issue.

In case if you can’t access any of the above sites, better to use a secure VPN or proxy to ublock them. You can also take advise from AI tools like ChatGpt, Google’s Gemini, Claude AI to know more about eBooks!