Potential Mac Issues You May Encounter

MacBook fans would argue that Apple computers are as reliable as they come. While there is some truth in that, it is worth remembering that Macs are like other devices. Sooner or later, you will notice that it takes longer for a computer to load. Or, some of the applications may suddenly crash and freeze. And these are just a couple of performance issue examples.

That is not to say that one should discard the idea of getting a MacBook. If anything, the idea is still great, and Macs are quite reliable. It’s just that knowing what you can expect in terms of performance problems would help you solve them with fewer worries.

The list below covers some of the most common Mac issues and provides solutions. Reading the information below should prepare you for potential problems you will run into while using a MacBook.

Most Common Mac Issues and Their Solution

Lackluster Internet Connection

Let’s start with the internet. If you are struggling to surf the net, get in touch with your ISP to confirm that there are no problems on their end. Next, optimize your internet browser by removing unnecessary extensions and clearing the cache.

In case the problem persists, try restarting the computer and launching an internet browser again. The internet speed should improve. If it does not, disconnect and reconnect to the network.

Those who use a wireless internet connection instead of an ethernet cable may have interference problems with third-party peripherals, for example, a microwave. Using the computer away from these devices could prove a good solution.

Disappearing Cursor

If your computer mouse disappears mac still has a trackpad. However, there are some instances when the cursor itself becomes invisible, and you cannot access it.

Similar to the internet connection problem, restarting the computer usually fixes the issue. On the other hand, a simple restart may not be enough.

mac issue cursor disappeared

It is likely that the computer is running low on RAM. Free up some system resources by quitting redundant background applications.

A second display, like an iPad, could also be the cause. Ever since the Sidecar feature, more and more MacBook owners have been using iPads as a second monitor.

Finally, you have third-party applications. Something as simple as a video player might be why the cursor disappears. Closing an app might make the cursor visible again.

Flickering Screen

A flickering screen is not that common, but if you encounter it, the issue could become quite annoying. Usually, a quick restart solves the matter, but if the MacBook’s screen continues to flicker, you will need to put in more effort.

The likeliest reason is the incompatibility between the operating system and the laptop’s graphics processing unit. If you noticed that the screen started flickering after installing the latest macOS version, downgrading the OS may revert the problem. You will need to wait for a hotfix, but those come quite quickly.

Overheating and Loud Fan Noise

Besides resource-hungry processes like video games, overheating, and loud fan noises are usually the result of too much dust inside the MacBook.

The tricky part is cleaning the filth inside. Hardly anyone is willing to take a laptop apart because the odds of damaging the hardware are pretty high. If you think the same, then leave the work to someone who will not mess up. Even if you have to pay for it, you will know that the person you hire will remove the dust inside and not damage the computer’s hardware.

Poor Battery Lifespan

When you notice that the MacBook battery is rather poor and you need to keep the charger plugged in more often than usual, do not expect the problem to solve itself.

mac poor battery performanceSome of the best ways to improve your Mac’s battery lifespan would be to:

  • Declutter the desktop.
  • Limit background apps.
  • Disable visual effects.
  • Avoid resource-heavy processes like video games.
  • Lower screen brightness.
  • Shut the MacBook down instead of putting it to sleep.
  • Scan for potential malware.

FPS Drops in Video Games

Even if Macs are not the best for playing video games, many Apple computer owners still use their device to enjoy some indie games or other types of video games that do not require that many resources.

However, even low-end video games may struggle to run optimally on a MacBook, and if lowering in-game settings is not enough to improve the performance, you may not have that many options left.

Similar to improving battery lifespan, you should close background apps and scan for potential malware. Disconnecting third-party peripherals like AirPods or adapters could prove beneficial as well.

The lack of drive space could also be one of the primary reasons why video games feel sluggish on your Mac.

Finally, the hardware may not keep up, and not because you lack memory, for example. Sometimes, video games cause the internal hardware to overheat, and the internal fans are not enough to cool it. This is where an accessory like a cooling pad could come in quite handy.